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    Shadowwraiser reacted to Exprima in Help deciding on case   
    Have the Meshify C, amazing case
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    Shadowwraiser reacted to AidenBear in Is it worth getting a gtx 1060   
    With the current huge price decrease of graphics cards in Australia I assume you mean the 6gb version. I just picked up an Msi GTX 1070Ti a few weeks ago for my new build because I got it for a good price of $603 AUD and I decided not to wait for next gen cards because the 1170 will most likely cost at least $100-200 more. For you, since you already have a system and can wait, I would wait for the GTX 1160 which will probably release 2-3 months after the 1180 and 1170. You guaranteed won't find the GTX 1160 for $360 though and it will most likely be around $500.
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    Shadowwraiser reacted to Bazrat in Is it worth getting a gtx 1060   
    Well after some googling I can’t actually find a Asus Rog Strix 3Gb, only a 6Gb version. Unless you meant just the normal Asus 1060 3Gb or you found the Asus Rog Strix 6Gb for $360 (if so go for it), or I just can’t find one?
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    Shadowwraiser got a reaction from TVwazhere in Help deciding on case   
    Thank you everyone, I think I might go with the fractal design meshify c. Decided I don’t really need the rgb. Luke prefer to spend the money I save on better perfomance
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    Shadowwraiser reacted to SlipperyPete in Help deciding on case   
    Id say the Fractal case. Clean and allows you to show off your pc without it being overly flashy. not to mention decent airflow and good cable management
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    Shadowwraiser reacted to O9B0666 in Should I get this graphics card   
    1070's are fine cards and can play anything currently ultra settings/1080p 60+ fps and can game on lower graphics settings in 4k. that being said 315 US dollars is what that converts too, and in my area they're to be had for 275-300 so that price isnt bad because most areas their 325-350. You might find a ti variant and that would be a ideal buy IMO.
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    Shadowwraiser reacted to parsa_strife in Would like opinions on rx 580 gpu   
    Seems like a good deal to me at $265.
    If you're happy with your R9 270 for now I'd advice waiting for next-gen cards to arrive and then decide what to get. Tho no one knows what will happen if another mining boom happens because newer cards are gonna be better at mining
    But personally I'm holding onto my GTX 760 (on the same level as R9 270) for now as it's not terrible and does the job for now. I refuse to pay over MSRP for 2 y/o cards. AMD and especially Nvidia better cough up those new graphics cards already.
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    Shadowwraiser got a reaction from auspotta in Would like opinions on rx 580 gpu   
    well if anyone has any options that are better than this for less than $500aud id love to hear them. 
    This card is only $359 at the moment and at most places around $500. But I can’t really find anything beating it under $500
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    Shadowwraiser reacted to DrMacintosh in Would like opinions on rx 580 gpu   
    I just bought a Sapphire Nitro+ RX 580. Haven't gotten to use it yet since I'm traveling but I have it with me and it everything I've seen says thats its a great card. 
    That Price is pretty good too. 
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    Shadowwraiser reacted to Skiiwee29 in Would like opinions on rx 580 gpu   
    the 580 is about on par with a 1060 6gb from Nvidia with the 1060 just barely beating it out.