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  1. Final Update Fixed it. It was the displayport cable that was faulty... Replaced it and everything works just as intended, refresh rate, Freesync and all. Thank you for your support!
  2. don't let it get to you. A fan replacement is one of the easiest repairs.
  3. The problem is that the monitor has right now set itself at 60Hz as default and nVidia's control panel shows only that. If I try to change that, the screen goes blank and I cannot even access it's OSD menu. When that happens the only option is to factory reset the monitor to get a signal again which resets to 60Hz
  4. That's it then, it's a fan blade that was bent. You could tryand bend it back to shape if you're not afraid of breaking it. Other than that you're good to go.
  5. everything is up2date, windows, drivers, bios etc. even the monitor came out-of-the-box with the latest firmware. I am beginning to suspect the DP cable but that's hard for me to test. I'll try to find a spare from a friend. In the meantime I can try anything else suggested.
  6. If it sounds like grinding it's probably the fan. I suggest using a compressed air gun or something similar on the fan, and if you're comfortable with it, disassemble the laptop to do a deep cleaning and see if there's anything obstructing the fan.
  7. If it sounds like clicking and you have an HDD it's propably your drive leaving this world. Can you try and manually stop the fan to see if the noise stops?
  8. It's already at it's highest resolution (2560x1440) but since I can't change the refresh rate on the monitor, it has no other options other than 60Hz.
  9. Hello people! I need your help troubleshooting some problems I've been having with my new monitor. So, I just purchased a Samsung Odyssey G5 on sale and while everything seems to be fine with an HDMI connection, I couldn't find the G-Sync option in nVidia control panel to enable Freesync compatibility. I had already enabled Freesync and 144Hz on the monitor btw and windows identified it and allowed me to use 144Hz on HDMI. I remembered seeing somewhere that there was a thing with nVidia's Freesync compatibility over HDMI, so I purchased a Displayport cable thinking
  10. Nice one! Compact, easy to use and nice visibility!
  11. A definite and easy way to greatly improve your laptop performance and battery time! It will surely go into my laptop!