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    Cinematography, gaming, youtube, IT.
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    I operate a live production television studio (Yes, it has a cable channel). Not much else to put here really.
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    ASrock z97 extreme 4
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    Corsair M65 Pro RGB
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    Turtle Beach Earforce X42
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    Windows 10 pro 64Gb (plus VM's)

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  1. You require a capture card, all it does is allow an HDMI / SDI / VGA / S-Video / Other video source input. Two types are available: USB and PCIE ones. If you want a PCIE based capture card I recommend the Blackmagic Decklink Mini Recorder. I've had no issues with it and OBS as long as you have the framerates and resolution synced between the input source and the "Video Capture Device" in OBS If you want a USB one I'd recommend the Epiphan AV.io cards but they are expensive. If you want a cheaper one take a look at the Blackmagic Design Ultrastudio Mini Recorder. While I do no
  2. Fairly solid. I would try to capture more clips and have it be more fast paced to keep up with the beat, The music and the video have to work well together. Speeding up some clips or adding more clips with the beat would work. Other than that its fairly solid.
  3. Agreed. We buy military grade fiber cables in an effort of having them not break when someone steps on them. The ends are still very fragile and they are $800+ a piece
  4. Buy a Dell Poweredge R730, way more horsepower than you need but should last you a long time. It will need a GPU but that can easily be added. Run VMware ESXi (Now called vSphere Hypervisor) and throw your VM's on with it. Don't forget rack rails if you are rack mounting it.
  5. Thats a lie. My district uses google suite aswell, doesn't mean that we don't have a server closet and a bunch of servers for other tasks. Talk to IT, they should have a server running ESXi or a storage server that they can let you use. Unless your school is private, super tiny, and not part of a district it will have a storage server or another server that can be used dual function. -Coming from someone who works closely with IT in their district.
  6. Quality will be better with a DSLR but you should not buy expensive equipment before you see if its viable and if you really need that thing you want. I have a S7 myself and the camera is fine. You may want to use that money for a creative cloud membership or something rather than a nicer camera.
  7. Still I'd recommend to just start with your phone.
  8. Can you please share some details on what your looking for? I.E. News Broadcast, News Intro, is it a .prproj file or a script or what?
  9. I personally always go for manual focus so touch AF wouldn't be that big of a deal. For slow motion, again, for travel vlogs I can't imagine it being that important. Most time effects you would do would be timelapses. I would go for the 80D but would also consider with that kind of a budget going for something similar but lower end and spend the extra on a nice lens. I would prioritize AF over 120FPS for travel vlogs if both are that important.
  10. 30FPS is perfectly fine for talking head. If you really want 60FPS just use your phone. Most modern phones offer 1080p60. Start there, grow your channel, make sure you like youtube, then you can use some of the income your taking in towards a decent DSLR or slow-mo cam.
  11. Take a look through this list: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/buy/suction-cup-mounts/ci/26976/N/3673516286
  12. GoPro recently dropped the Hero 4 Session down to $150 if your looking for something with decent quality new. Also opens the world of aftermarket gopro accessories
  13. I'd agree with Akira on the GoPro idea. You can find fairly cheap ones around and they recently made their hero 4 session only $150. I'd recommend a session for Airsoft as it is much smaller and a harder to hit target. Definitely would get some protection for it though. One of those plastic scope protectors would work if your mounting it on a rail.
  14. I'd take a look into the Canon T2i. Its been a staple in the video and photo industry for years. Its a great camera especially considering its price. Considering its low price you could look into some accessories for it under your pricepoint such as another lens, some SD cards, a strap if needed, gorilla pods, etc.
  15. Wise words to a not-so-wise man I'm not as far along as you (no degrees yet) Just have experience with both from both a broadcast and film perspective. Never underestimate the power of a full-size SDI out The full cinema camera is a great system and easily expandable. Just make sure to get a few hotshoe adapters (I think B&H includes a free wooden camera one when you order a cinema)