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    I make montage parodies and build PCs.
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    Rekkin' Skrubs


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    AMD FX-8370
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    Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3 rev 4.1
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    Crucial Ballistix Sport 16GB
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    Corsair Obsidian 450D
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    [1x] WD Caviar Black 1TB [1x] Seagate Backup Plus .5TB
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    Antec HCG 620m
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    Dell S2340M 60Hz 23.0", Acer H236HLbid 60Hz 23.0"
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    Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO | Antec Formula 7 [4x] Corsair AF120 Quiet [2x] Corsair AF140 Quiet
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    Cooler Master Storm Octane
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    Cooler Master Storm Octane
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    HyperX Cloud IIs
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    Windows 7 Professional
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  1. I have a pair of HyperX Cloud IIs which I use for CS:GO, and just yesterday, the microphone just stopped working. It can connect briefly, then will not be picking up any sound afterwards. The microphone is set to default along with the headset, and allowing listening to devicedoes nothing. I've plugged it back in, refreshed drivers, made sure the mic mute button was off, and pretty much everything you can think of (like restarting PC and unplugging from wall too). The headphones work but the microphone does not, even though it has been working fine for the last year or so. The headphones ar
  2. Here's an easy question - Can I half my resolution to double my refresh rate? Thanks.
  3. Thank you so much. I was going to do this months ago, but was afraid it would delete EVERYTHING.
  4. Will it delete all of my pictures, contacts, etc, or just my music files?
  5. It usually says something about formatting the phone when trying to sync to the pc, though...
  6. I originally used a Mac to transfer all of my music in iTunes to my phone, but now I want to transfer the library to my PC so I don't have to go back and forth to get music onto my phone. What is a good way to do this? ?'? ?????? ?? ??? ???? ?? ?????? ?? ??????. Thank you.
  7. >I know the high end Intel Sandy Bride was soldered Sorry, just had to point it out. Had a funny picture in my head. Also, interesting find...
  8. Just got it built, but when I applied some BIOS tweaks and saved and exited, the screen went black, and the PC didn't restart. Gave it over a minute to try to do something, nothing. Tried resetting CMOS with the button, took out the battery, and unplugged. The rig has 2 PSUs. All other components work fine. The keyboard and mouse haven't powered on since the first boot. Thank you. No parts got to any temps above 50C while inside the BIOS. Z400 Motherboard Proprietary Z400 PSU Antec 620w PSU Xeon x5670 GTX 770 Thanks!
  9. You could get it, but I would also check for 6700k prices. I got my 6700k for $280 when the 7700k was $330 back in January.
  10. I would highly recommend something like an x5670 or x5690 (both 6 core 12 thread CPUs) rather than a 4 core 8 thread CPU.
  11. Simply said, it will not detect my RAM and I cannot edit the Corsair Vengeance RGB DIMMs. I have a Gigabyte Z270 motherboard and RGBFusion. I've tried reinstalling, and nothing has changed.
  12. Nevermind, sorry. A bit of water actually did get into two switches from the keycap stems, so I let the keyboard dry for exactly 3 hours and it works fine now.
  13. I just cleaned my Strafe RGB (w/ blues) and now my keyboard is acting weird. Scroll Lock and F3 cannot be detected, and scroll lock randomly turns on and off. I took the keys off gently, and made pretty sure that the caps were dry before I put them back on. Is there a good fix for this? Thanks!
  14. For 60fps. 144hz ultra 1080p, you'd want at least a 1070.