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  1. It seems LG wasn't keen on getting reviews of their new 32' LG monitors unless they do it exactly the way they want it, including attempting to bribe Hardware Unboxed for a positive review. Not sure how they missed the nVidia drama / AsRock on attempting to control a review outcome. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J5DuXeqnA-w
  2. Hey Guys, Lately i've noticed that no matter what i do, when cpu is in idle, it would hang onto 4.4ghz+~. Temps are fine, 41c idle, and the core voltage is .60. It used to work fine before, would step up and down from 15 no overclocks, everything is on default (Gigabyte Gaming Z370 7) Thoughts? should i be worried?
  3. The latest update brought back the google search, you used to be able to disable it, but now its 'forced' on you. I dont see the point, the address bar is a 'search' function. Really hate it. This along with the 'new' youtube update is so lame. Almost all updates that have been made in the past few months have been more to annoy the user. I would go back to firefox, but i am lost with that.
  4. Use the latest one, not sure why your still using .22, you should usually get a email sent out to you when you get updates. Also one of the updates improved performance under dx11 a lot. Unless your using the pirated version ...thats limited to .22 MOD: The acquisition method of a mouse cursor image. FIX: The bug which cannot be recorded in the Vista environment. FIX: The problem of specific language environment. ver2.0.125 (2013/12/15)MOD: Incompatible DXGI software layer is supported. FIX: The bug by which the unnecessary bit flag was set to the index chunk of the audio data in AVI fil
  5. Always Off, and Off in the game. Never found the reason to use it. The moment its on, i can feel the difference like day and night. Not in a positive way either. The mouse movement in FPS feels laggy/delayed. FPS if it can't keep up can got from 60, 30, fluctuate a lot. Just no...
  6. Sadly any game that is exclusive that if end up on PC is going to be so badly ported...then they will blame it on piracy and say that PC is a poor platform. But if i ever wanted one...it would be Mortal Kombat 9. MK9 is defiantly the best MK they have released in a loong time, probably since MK3. I still play Super SF4 on PC
  7. Yea i got BO2. BF3 is more fun, but servers got empty....and sort of died for me... two clips i put up for bo2 so far.
  8. This is awesome news!!! I can see the site is getting hammered already lol. Good timing too, with nvnews pretty much dead in the water, there is a new place to hopefully call my second home :D!