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    16GB DDR3L 1600mhz
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  1. Hey guys, been a while since I've been here. In need of assistance. So i have an MSI GE72 Apache Pro-242, otherwise known as a laptop with a 970m. I'm trying to set up NVIDIA surround using the laptop 17'' screen and two 1080p monitors. All 3 monitors are 1080p, 60hz. One is inputted using the laptops MiniDP to VGA and the other is HDMI to DVI. It appears in my NVIDIA Control Panel that my 3 displays are running through my intel integrated graphics. Even when I set my preference to be my NVIDIA card, it still appears through intel. Any help? Do I need to switch my Mini
  2. Been a long time since I posted here, but decided I needed to cause you guys are the best. My LG 34UM58-P has stopped working, and I’m not sure why. The power cord does work, I tested it on another monitor. But not matter whhat power outlet I plug the LG into, it just won’t turn on. None of the power lights turn on, nothing. Don’t know if it’s something I can fix myself. My warranty with LG is expired since I’ve had the monitor for around 2 and a quarter years now. Any suggestions on what to try?
  3. Hi, super newbie here. I’ve been interesting in getting a sound setup for a while, don’t have much of a budget. I found a bunch of old speakers at my parents house, wondering if I could throw something together. Here’s a list of things I found. - Panasonic SB-HW480 Subwoofer - 2 Panasonic SB-HF330 tower speakers, looks like they are supposed to be part of a 5.1 setup - 2 JBL G100 speakers How would I go about rigging an actual setup out of this? I’ve read some newbie posts on this forum, it sounds like I need a receiver to connect all these parts? Do I need a
  4. I'll watch that video in a bit but I'm not looking to spend a lot of more nor spend a ton of time. Im pretty busy most of the time, but I want to get these speakers working since I really don't have any decent speakers (I use headphones for gaming and listening to music on the go), and I'd like to have something at home lol. This video might be interesting tho
  5. Yeah, I don't have electronics or wiring experience. Only real tech stuff I've done is built one computer and swapped some stuff out in a different one I'm not adept in the audio arts yet. I don't plan on absolutely blasting the music, but I might just spend the $40-50 to just get one of the 100-120W total amps that were linked in this thread on Amazon, then its future proof I guess if I ever want to use it again or something.
  6. Do y'all have any suggestions for a cheaper amp? I found the manual online for the exact JBL model I have, it says that the "Power Handling Range" is 10 - 50 watts. Is that for each speaker or for both together? If they are separate then I'll need at least a 100 watt amp I assume?
  7. Thanks for all the info, really helps. Hopefully these speakers are pretty good. Too bad about the sub, maybe I'll try to hook it up somehow like the other guy said if the speakers don't satisfy my ears enough
  8. Found some old JBL speakers that my parents used to use. I also found what I believe is a Panasonic subwoofer that used to go with some tower speakers, the tower speakers I think might be broken, so I only have the JBL speakers and the Panasonic sub. I don't know how they are supposed to connect. The only interfaces I've used for sound stuff is USB and 3.5mm, so I need some help. Can someone recommend some cables or something I could use so I could plug the speakers and the sub into a phone or a computer through 3.5mm? I attached some pictures of the speaker and the connectors. I'm not exactly
  9. I built a computer for a friend a few months ago, and now another friend wants one. My first friend was very pleased with how his computer runs and how fast it plays games, and now another friend wants one. The first friend's budget was $1000, but this friend has a budget of $1200 USD. Here are some specifics he wants about the build. - Doesnt matter whether its AMD or Intel or AMD/Nvidia - Noise level; low noise, he wants a quieter computer (so imo that means we should go Be Quiet! or Fractal for case choice - Doesnt care about RGB or anything since there probably wont b
  10. If you are willing to go used, you could pick up a use 970 or 960 to get more performance. If you want a new card, a 470 would give her more room for better frames if she ever DID try other stuff or she gets a higher resolution monitor. 460 is a good choice however for a low budget upgrade.
  11. Thanks I'll check that out
  12. A cord connecting them is fine, but I want in-ear monitors/earbuds, that are wireless. I know Jaybirds are good, but I was hoping for like under $70. I do NOT want over-ear headphones, I already have wired over-ear headphones that are great for listeing when I'm not on the go.
  13. X52 would probably get better temps, considering it's a 240mm rad. However, you get the downsides of water cooling like noise, potential leak, etc.
  14. Max budget is $2000, but closer to $1500-1700 would be nicer. Needs monitor, peripherals, everything (not sure about headset yet). For basically gaming 99% of the time.