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  • Birthday Jul 19, 1994

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    Troy TN
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    Service tec for Ken-Tenn Wireless (WISP)


  • CPU
    AMD Phenom 2
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    ASUS (not sur model but its old)
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    8G Corsair
  • GPU
    ASUS gtx650ti
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    Hyper x ssd and wd blue 500g
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    cooler master 460
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    emerson 32 inch tv and hp 23( i think )
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    Ubuntu 15.04

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  1. Thanks for the feedback guys i decided to get one 380x my new stuff will be here soon ill have a build log on the new rig when all the stuff arives
  2. Thanks man i have been debating this for a couple of days and i hoped that one would be plenty. thanks for the info!
  3. HEy guys im looking at an xfx r9 380. I was wandering if yall thought one would be enough for what i want to do. i plan on playing games like the crew and need for speed and maybe some gta. just curious if one would be sufficient or if i need two. Also ill be running three monitors not for gaming but for just normal computing things. gaming will only be done on one screen. Thanks in advance guys
  4. Looking for some opinions on the logitech g910. i am trying to decide on a new keybord and i realy like the layout of this one . just want some other opinions before i spend 140 $ . Thanks in advance guys!
  5. Thank you Very much! as soon as my taxes get here i will be starting the build log. thanks everyone yall have been a huge help!
  6. Also what kinda of lighting are you guys using? i would realy like to make this thing look sick in the dark.
  7. I had originally decided on the Thor v2 by rosewill but the lack of a side window to show off all my new stuff has turned me away. i love the huge side window and the huge amount of space.
  8. Anyone running the Corsair Obsidian 750d? i think i have decided to make it the case for my upcoming build just want to get opinons and maby some pics. Thanks in advance!
  9. I would think it would be awesome to see more gear reviews like backpacks and headphones maybe even portable chargers. i have been trying to decide on a new backpack and it is hard to decide on which bag to get due to lack of information. and your honesty about products is awesome and would help me to feel better about spending 100 or more dollars on a product with just the sales pitch on the add. Also some cool how to home networking videos would be great maybe what dif. bios settings do differently and some sever reviews using Linux server and windows server. just a thought . Also i am new t