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    sirbonneville reacted to Fasauceome in GTX 1070 SLI PSU Requirement (+SLI Questions)   
    Reading this might help make the decision. A lot of the responses in this thread seem pretty clear
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    sirbonneville reacted to minibois in CX500 PCI-E cables   
    It's better to get the newer, better quality CX550M, which can be had for the same price:
    This PSU comes with two 6+2 pin connectors (on one cable)
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    sirbonneville reacted to minibois in Need another 6 pin   
    If your PSU only has one 6 pin PCIE, you should really consider if your PSU is enough to power said GPU.
    There are adapters from 2x molex (4 pin peripheral, not to be confused with 4 pin EPS for your motherboard/CPU) to 6 pin adapter, but I have not seen them from 4 pin EPS to 6 pin PCIE.
    I'm not sure about their quality and would be hesitant to recommend something like that.
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    sirbonneville got a reaction from CrippledROBOT in Help building   
    Get the poor man some SSD. 
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    sirbonneville got a reaction from 3 Lions in Does my motherboard support OCing?   
    Also I'd like to say thanks an absolute ton for helping me out today! Without your help I would not have gone down the rabbit trail, and I likely would not have found that Dell machine. I really appreciate it. Thanks a ton!!
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    sirbonneville reacted to PCGuy_5960 in i3 8100 vs i5 4460   
    It's not really an upgrade, if you want to upgrade your CPU right now, save up for an i5-8400 or Ryzen 5 1600, or just get a used 4790(K) or 4770(K)
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    sirbonneville reacted to Megah3rtz in Should I get an 8gb RX 480 or a 4gb RX 580?   
    it may be hard to imagine with a 5820k + 1080, but budgets exist and some people can't go over them even if its justified. 
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    sirbonneville reacted to ARikozuM in Should I get an 8gb RX 480 or a 4gb RX 580?   
    Read it as 480 8GB. The 480 to 580 isn't much of an improvement to warrant spending 200 vs 220.
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    sirbonneville got a reaction from _JohnB330ci in What is this worth?   
    will do. the condition is excellent. a quick dusting and washing and you wouldnt know it was used 
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    sirbonneville reacted to User1868 in Moving a game to a different drive   
    Try running CCleaner
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    sirbonneville reacted to TrigrH in Help with choosing some parts?   
    which motherboard? .. do you currently have.
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    sirbonneville reacted to Captain_WD in Gaming on HDD vs SSD?   
    Hi there sirbonneville
    The guys gave you some excellent explanations and suggestions. 

    My two cents on this: 
    Gaming, for the most part, doesn't really rely on the storage's performance for anything else but the loading times (both initial and in-game) and the autosave times. FPS and graphics aren't affected at all so you will see the same game performance while playing regardless if you are doing this off a SSD or off a 5,400 rpm HDD. 

    There are games such as MMOs and Open World games that will load your surrounding textures faster or smoother if you run them off a Solid State drive but that won't change the way your graphics are processed and placed on your screen by the CPU and GPU so you won't see better graphics or higher FPS. 
    As the guys mentioned, heavy AAA games with long initial loading times and longer loadings between levels and cut scenes may load significantly faster, but if you don't really mind waiting the extra seconds, there's no real advantage in using SSDs in gaming. 
    Regarding the capacity difference, you will notice that all storage drives appear a bit smaller in the OS due to the differences in counting bits to bytes. A 1TB HDD would typically appear as 931GB. 
    I'd be happy to help with anything else if there are questions
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    sirbonneville reacted to Pcinacan in Best GPU out of this list?   
    I have head that the rx 480 will do better then the 1080. Dont know tho
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    sirbonneville reacted to Drakomon322 in Best GPU out of this list?   
    Why the hell on earth would you need two RX 480s?
    Are you working on a  big project related to Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning? 
    You will never use all the power of two RX 480s..
    Or you just want to get them cause you have the money? In other words, do you just want to show off with your new build?
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    sirbonneville reacted to TrigrH in Help with choosing some parts?   
    can you post the full specs of your current machine? and which resolution do you plan to game at?
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    sirbonneville reacted to TrigrH in Help with choosing some parts?   
    okay so you got a few options:
    1- Get a GTX 1070 and a 1440p monitor as your CPU is good enough (but not excellent)
    then wait for next gen CPUs
    2- Get new CPU, mobo and RAM now in addition to above, 6700k/6600k + ddr4
    (id sell ur old hardware then)
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    sirbonneville reacted to Zyndo in Gaming on HDD vs SSD?   
    SSD wont make any performance difference in games compared to HDD. it only affects load times. even in open world games a HDD can keep up just fine.

    That being said, on my next rig I'm going to have 2 Samsung 950 pros in Raid 0 for 1TB of that 3.5-4GB per second speed limit. not because I need it for my games, but because oh my god thats going to be awesome! #moremoneythansense
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    sirbonneville reacted to STRMfrmXMN in Gaming on HDD vs SSD?   
    You won't see an FPS difference but menu opening timings and game load times will be much faster on an SSD. Think less than half the time.
    Windows reads storage weird because it thinks one gigabyte is 1024 MB (it's 1000 MB on every other OS) but that's irrelevant. Windows 8 is not install on your system if you've had Windows 10 on your system for over a month or have run disk cleanup. 
    You've probably got big programs and games and stuff on there taking up that space. You can upgrade to a 240GB drive and get some of your old storage back if you end up needing more.
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    sirbonneville reacted to Dzzope in Gaming on HDD vs SSD?   
    All your downloads temporary files that sort of stuff (unless you moved it to hdd) can take up quite a bit of space.
    Games will see a boost in loading times, thats it.
    This can be important for open world games which constantly pull data from the drive or for when you cross certain zones.. But other than that it will not increase your fps or otherwise.
    Try not to fill the drive as performance does degrade with more data but it'll still be plenty fast.
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    sirbonneville reacted to iamdarkyoshi in Help! Downloaded some malware..   
    Can you get avast antivirus installed? If so, try a boot time scan.
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    sirbonneville reacted to Sors in Help! Downloaded some malware..   
    First thing I would try is see if your PC have a restore point from before the infection ocurred.
    If that is not an option, you can make an antivirus bootable disk, boot from it and scan the system,. Or you could take the disk out of your PC, plug it in another system and scan it from there.
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    sirbonneville got a reaction from ChrisCross in Camera recommendations?   
    dude, im on your blog thing and i love the pictures! 
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    sirbonneville reacted to ChrisCross in Camera recommendations?   
    i was in exactly the same position last year. how funny is that
    i went with a nikon d3300 which was a good choice but outside your budget.
    at that budget i would probably just take pictures with my phone. which phone do you have?
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    sirbonneville reacted to ChrisCross in Camera recommendations?   
    but its incredebly beautiful out there. especially if you go north. just wait for the pictures
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    sirbonneville reacted to ChrisCross in Camera recommendations?   
    i used a 500gb wifi hdd. the intenso memory 2 move. does the same job.