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  1. Sapphire 390x. @JoePro87 I swear I saw you on Ed's stream the other day.
  2. More is better, but dual channel gives you twice the speed (but is negligible in day-to-day use). I would get 12.
  3. It would be, but imagine the infrastructure they would have to invest in to provide that. As much as it might improve IQ and aliasing, I'm not convinced it's worth doing so.
  4. Remove it and reapply it? You would run the risk of damaging it that way though.
  5. People can still stream in a lower quality. Do you mean content creators doing so, or the Youtube client doing so?
  6. I need new glasses lol - mistook ASUS for Gigabyte for some strange reason.
  7. You really don't need the 950 unless the PCIe transfer speeds are something that you really, really want and are willing to pay for. I don't think there will be major differences between the bootup speeds of either of them.
  8. I think they only exist in E-keyed FFs.
  9. It bothers me when people say they could care less - do you not get that when you say you could care less, there are things that are below the subject in question? That rant over - I don't think xyzTI type cards get cheaper with the advent of the (x+1)yz cards (next gen cards) given that they are basically high-end cards from the next generation. I may be wrong though.
  10. Yeah, but there won't be any significant performance gains compared to just using one 780ti, and the gains you do achieve will be offset by the increased power consumption.
  11. I think $450~500 for that build is a pretty good deal. You might be able to sell your laptop for $300 or thereabouts.
  12. They are keyed differently and don't cross-fit (no pun intended).
  14. I'm not joking, but I think I'm imagining something different than you are - perhaps not square, but something taller than 16:10 yet not as tall as 4:3 for single monitor use, like the Chromebook Pixel but shorter. I would also like to see a modular screen like what you're saying though, that would be really cool. It would be interesting to see how they might all interface with a PC.
  15. They work fine, but the prices are ridiculous. If you don't need the extra "features" then go something cheaper like a Gigabyte UD series.
  16. Right? Nobody seems to want square panels for some reason - they work really well for everything but watching videos.
  17. 950s are generally pretty good performance/price cards, but for the best p/p go either AMD or GTX960/970.