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  1. Most likely, I'd be looking at maximum 5 simultaneous transcodes (family and friends), and averaging around 2 or 3. My original plex server was an RPi3B+, and it could not handle streaming over the internet. Hardware accelerated video transcoding was not possible on the RPi3B+, and based on the limited search I did, even the RPi4 has trouble transcoding H265 encoded files (which most of mine are). When I set up my wife's laptop, I looked into the specific Celeron processor and it also did not support HW transcoding (model number did not have Intel Quick Sync). Plex minimum requirements sho
  2. I'm in between waiting for an 11th gen i5 (non-vPro) or getting a current 10th gen i5. Looking to use this as a plex server in order to ensure that I can stream online (via plex pass) at 1080p without any issues (my current set up is my wife's old Celeron processor laptop and constantly buffers even at 720p). Estimated price of the 10th gen i5, with 16GB DDR4, and a 256 M.2 NVMe (+Win10) is about $550. Not sure what the 11th gen i5 will be with the same specs. Thoughts? Should I wait or do you think the 10th gen will be a better deal? Also thinking long term, don't
  3. I have set up a toggle macro for my G2 key. Is there a way, I can also have it change the RBG color on that G2 key when it is toggled on/off? This way, when I toggle it on, I know that it's on and can remember to toggle it off. For example, Toggle it to green when on and red when off. Also, does anyone know how I can add MS Teams under Assignments -> Actions? With so many people working from home these days, I would think there would be integration for applications like MS Teams, Zoom, WebEx, etc. These G-keys definitely have a lot of potential if tapped into. T
  4. I'll give it a shot tonight to see if that helps. As far as the video you linked, I am not experiencing that. What I am seeing is that when the headphone is connected via bluetooth, it doesn't show up in the Sound setting. Likewise, when I go into device manager, I see the device listed under Bluetooth, but not under Audio Inputs and Outputs. **disclaimer, I grabbed these images off of Google since I am writing this on my work computer. These are just to show which screens I am getting my information from.
  5. Razer blade stealth is a laptop with the bluetooth adapter built-in. I've heard some shady things about Driver Booster...have you used it without any issues?
  6. Yes, they do. I have tried the headphones with 2 other devices (Android phone and Win10 laptop). I have also been trying other bluetooth headphones with the same computer and am having the same issue with ALL bluetooth headphones.
  7. I recently had my "big" summer update for windows 10. My bluetooth headphones (Mpow) worked perfectly fine before the update and immediately after. After about a month, my bluetooth headphones stopped working correctly. I disconnected them and then re-added them, but this time, it only says "connected" but not connected with audio. Also, when I look into my device manager, it only shows up under bluetooth devices and not under sound devices. I have updated all of my drivers correctly, and even tried rolling back to ones that should have worked. Lastly, I tried to doing a clean wipe but s
  8. I saw this or something similar to this at CES 2015...absolutely gorgeous color! I would love to own this as my first project
  9. Because it's a work computer, I don't think i can just leave it running. It's a laptop I take home with me every night. Won't it need an internet connection for your suggestion to work?
  10. So i stopped the windows update service and it seems to have done the trick temporarily. However, when I restart the computer, the issue comes back again until i manually stop it. I spoke with my IT and they said that windows update has to be set to automatic because that's how they rollout company updates as well, so now I'm in a pickle. I also noticed that when I run windows update, it doesn't actually show me anything other than "Checking for updates". It doesn't seem to finish checking nor does it show me any updates it's found. Any recommendations?
  11. I've been having an issue over the past few weeks with my work laptop (dell latitude e7240). One of the svchost.exe processes is using too much CPU, which is causing the computer to heat up and quickly drain the battery when off charge. I've attached a jpeg of what the memory usage and CPU load is for this process ("Processes.jpg"). I right-clicked on it to see which services were associated with it (see attachment "Services.jpg"). I've tried ending the process, changing the priority, stopping each service one by one, and nothing seems to fix the issue. My IT is stuck as well. Does anyon