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  1. Looking forward to trying to come up with a reason to justify replacing my GTX1080ti. It's kicking strong, but... ?
  2. I guess there's no building anything cheaper.
  3. Any suggestions for an extremely basic system? The system will be used as a point of sales/check out system for a small business. This store has an existing dell inspiron laptop and it works amazingly, especially with the touchscreen. However, this is a total waste of resources... required: cheaper than a responsive laptop wireless adapter touch screen monitor ssd (32gb is fine) as small as possible
  4. A 'Gucci 1911' is one that has a fancy finish and expensive engraving all over it. It has nothing functional whatsoever. That's where we can agree, but you are implying that all mid sized sedans are exactly the same. You seem pretty set on this idea that 1911's are all 100% the same and they are just 'marketed and priced differently'. That's bullshit man. There are massive differences between a $2,300 Ed Brown Alpha Elite, a $1,200 Springfield TRP, a $650 Mil-spec and a $380 ATI Firepower. Just because something cost almost 4 times as much, doesn't mean it is 4 times better. Obviou
  5. Yeah this is false lmao Is a $20k Toyota Camry the exact same as a $120k BMW M5 too?
  6. Seems like everyone really likes the Pro. They used to be very, very difficult to get and on 1-2 year waiting lists. Not so much anymore, there are almost two dozen FBI HRT 1911's for sale online.
  7. The motivation is for this to be the last 1911 I ever buy with an intent to pass it down several generations. CCW and home defense is already sorted. The use case will be range shooting and unofficial competition. I really already know what I want, but I love to bounce things off the PC community. Y'all're pretty diverse in thought and highly intelligent consumers.
  8. I didn't realize how popular those guns were. My dad caries a Springfield XDs in .45 ACP
  9. I guess I'm just spoiled or addicted. I had a Royal II that I picked up at a gun show last year. At first, I absolutely loved the bluing and the bone grips. That's why I had to buy it, but I grew out of it pretty quick. I changed the grips and the sights, then sold it around July.
  10. Not plugging my monitor into the GPU instead of the IO in the back is a mistake I've made before. Leave the built in gpu settings as is and don't touch the drivers. You should just plug in the GPU, wire it up and then download and install the latest driver for your GPU. For Nvidia you'll download GeForce and it makes it really easy. AMD GPU's I am not really knowing. I would go to the manufactures website and go from there.
  11. Glad to hear that. I just got rid of a Kimber and that's why it and a few others aren't on my list. She was a real sweetie, but I don't regret it.
  12. Hey if that makes you happy then more power to you buddy. 'The last 5% of quality' for anything is always expensive, unfortunately. Have you owned any of them? There is a break in period that makes a big difference. I'm sure you value a clean gun just as much as I do too. The choices in the poll are there for a reason. Ed Brown's, Wilson Combats and Les Baers are in as brands and not as one example of specifically custom firearm. We will have to agree to disagree. I wouldn't buy a Springfield Professional, but it sure doesn't exist just for fun
  13. All I can say is a had 2 razer nagas for over 2 years each and they were both fantastic. I used at least half of the keypad almost every day. Wireless MMO mice, I am not knowing. I mostly use a G602 now, but the 6 buttons on the side are basically useless to me. It has worked on every surface I tired in my home though.
  14. What PSU do you have? How much power does your system draw? Are all your cables plugged in all the way? What kind of weather are you experiencing? How old is this set up? How hot did your CPU get before shutting down? Is it in an enclosed box?
  15. Did you watch one video of Honest Outlaw on YouTube and now you are against any 1911 that cost over $600? Why do you think the Springfield Professional exists?
  16. Perfectly fine. I like to curve my CPU and GPU fans so that they hit 100% while I game. A lot of people like to keep their pc as quiet as they can, but I'd rather have a better gaming machine than a better sounding or looking one.
  17. Maybe I should ask which 1911 would you want to pass down to your great, great grand kids? Or which 1911 would you buy with someone else's money?
  18. Not even gonna vote though? ? I don't think it is a good idea to buy a cheap 1911 and then spend years slowly changing everything or taking it to a gunsmith. The whole point of buying a semi-custom gun is so that they are more reliable and as precise as the platform allows. I've been shooting with a friend and his 10 year old WC CQB Elite for years and it has never malfunctioned in my presence. I have heard different things about WC's though, specifically 9mm examples. The Springfield professional is the 'FBI' gun for a reason. Why is it still trusted by all kinds of elite f
  19. 65C is good, especially with a stock cooler. You're fine. If you were to get an AIO liquid cooler, you just mount the block onto the CPU and the radiator somewhere at the top or front of your case. You probably won't need to remove the motherboard to get the posts on. Water cooling really depends on your case and where you could mount a radiator. If I were you, I wouldn't worry about those temps or spending the money on water cooling. If your CPU passes 80C for more than a few moments, then look into a beefer air cooler and some more case fans. At least turn up your c
  20. I'm in the market for a nice, full-sized .45 1911. Which of these would you want most? Why? How many years/months would you be willing to wait for one?
  21. The 400 is actually better suited for MSRH, my local track. It's also a lot more fun and a better tool to work on my actual riding skills/lap times. Also, the 400 is a lot more fun(easier) to work on and a lot cheaper to get track ready. Example: a full exhaust for the Honda cost 2.2k while a full exhaust for the 400 was maybe $650.
  22. Any more pictures? I have a ninja 400 that I track occasionally and a new cbr1000rr for toodling around town ? Yeah taking off the exhaust is loud just to be loud
  23. That sounds rough. I can't imagine living anywhere other than here. In California $300,000 can basically get you a 600 sqft barn with two parking spots on the street. In Texas that will enables quite a bit... How would you recommend 'blessing' a house before going through and buying it? My inspection guy should do everything pretty well without getting really deep into plumbing and foundation/slab authority(as I understand it). What did you do during the first open option period? The contract period is just about to begin. Yes, the first thing, other than saving over half
  24. How was the process of buying your first home? Any horror stories? What are the biggest things you learned/wish you knew before hand?