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  1. I think that the problem is with the trailers, nobody knows how good/bad these games actually are, so we can only guess how people will react to the game. Battlefield 1: I think that the trailer gives the idea of something you already know (even with the music), but better/updated. It looks good and revisiting WWI has been done before. I can see how a fan of the franchise will be interested COD IW: Warfare in space is something completely new for the COD franchise, and nobody knows how they are going to handle it. Also, the game doesn't look extremely well, so why peopl
  2. I agree that it is better to play at least the first Dark Souls. You can find the "prepare to die edition" cheap and you can get the idea of what the series is about. It is not like you can't start with Dark Souls III, in fact, if you like the first one you will probably enjoy all of them, but if you don't like it, at least you will save some money, you don't have to wait for the game being released and you can wait and check the game once is released..
  3. I haven't tried myself, but that's what logitech and many people claim (you have to change to DInput using the button behind). As far as I have read, people use it as a second controller because it doesn't emulate the PS button (check this comment), so you can't quit the game, but you can play the games without problem. In fact, I think that is the case where this controller does its best: for any competitive gamer or anybody who needs the best (accuracy, comfort...), the f310 is not the right choice, but for casual gaming is a good choice: it is cheap, it is plug and play, it work
  4. Deus Ex: GOTY, and you can apply the 'Deus Ex: Revision' mod free, so the game won't look too old Also, the Deus Ex Collection is quite good, the first one is great and Human Evolution is a nice game. Invisible war is also a solid game, although I think that somehow inferior (I guess because the other two are very good games). I haven't played the Fall, but reviews are pretty bad though...
  5. People have had some issues with deadzones, I can't find if logitech fixed it in latest models (mine is only a couple of months old). I personally think that it goes fine, although I'm not the best judge (I'm used to use keyboard + mouse, I have a lot to play to be accurate with a controller). About ergonomics and compared to a Xbox 360 controller: I have a wireless 360 controller and it is true that it feels better, yet it gave me a lot of problems (it disconnected randomly). Buttons also feel softer in the 360 controller, although I don't think is an issue. In general
  6. I have the F310 controller, and works perfectly in windows 10. New games find it and use it as a 360 controller and for old games, if there is any problem you can switch between XInput and DirectInput. On the other hand, it lacks vibration feedback, that may be an issue for you.
  7. Although I think that is taken in account videos, the number of games is 107
  8. Let's see how things go, because I don't think that in general people really care about the performance of the consoles. In fact, the main advantage of consoles was that you only had to connect the device to the TV, turn it on and play. Now these machines have tons of applications and things to set up. Yes, they are still easier to configure than a PC, but things are getting closer. I don't have the answer, but if consoles keep increasing capabilities and the difference between a PC and a console gets narrower, I'm not sure if the general market will keep going for the
  9. First of all, people can do with their money whatever they want. That's why it is their money. Once this is said: Because you can judge it in some extent, you can see people playing the beta on platforms like Twitch or youtube. This does not happen with every game, but it does happen with Far Cry Primal and The Division. This requires a deeper study with more data, yet for example, Dark Souls III is not in the chart although it is available for pre-order in Steam and it will be released this month. And I'm sure that many people are waiting for that game. So I suspect that the am
  10. Well, if you are going to buy the regular version of the game in any case as soon as it is released and you are really interested in the Hazmat gear set that includes if you pre-order, I guess that makes sense. I think that it makes sense if you want the digital gold edition or the sleeper agent collector's edition, because I think that they probably won't be available forever. It would make sense to pre-order (or buy early access) if the game is developed by an indie company, so you can support them, but this is not the case at all. I think that in general it is a person
  11. 500Mb is almost nothing for a game, for example, 'Jade Empire' is a game from 2005 and it already requires 512Mb of RAM plus 256 from the graphics card, which you don't have, so it has to use the RAM. Quake II for example already requires 512Mb minimum and it's from 1997. So you can see how limited you are. This is not to say that there aren't really good games that you can play, but not all will work. And similar with recent indie games, it is true that some of them (probably) will not require too much, but any developer can expect at least 2Gb of RAM easily due to the
  12. You can go to a place like GOG.com or indiegala and check the requirements for some of the games. GOG has nice old games as Fallout 1, 2 & tactics, Doom series, Baldur's Gate series, Dungeon Keeper... all of this are very good games that you probably can play (be aware that sometimes you may want to add mods, a quick search in google should give you what you need) Indiegala or any other source for indie games may have something that works. Although you have a very limited computer, the 1Gb of RAM is very limiting for any new game, even if it requires low specs.
  13. I had some problems with xbox 360 wireless controllers (they disconnect randomly, not a good thing when you are in the middle of combat) so I recently got a wired controller, the logitech F310 and I think that is a good value. I mean, is far from the best controller but for the price is good, and it can work (haven't tested, just what I've found) with PC, xbox and PS switching the mode button on the back. So I recommend to get this one, because it is cheap it can be used as a back up controller.
  14. This can be the reason, I have two laptops upgraded from windows 7, one is just upgraded and in the second one I did a clean installation. In the just upgraded one I can see the same issues. In the other one the booting time is more and less the same (I don't have almost any program that start with windows) yet there are other problems in any case (windows 10 and double graphic card don't get along very well...). I kind of like windows 10, yet it is a new system and everybody was 'invited' to upgrade quickly so I guess that it still needs some time...
  15. Hello everybody! I'm a Spanish guy finishing my PhD in Ireland. I've been a gamer for more than 20 years and I build my first computer to get a better rig to play, so many years ago as well... I'll probably move once I finish here so for the moment I'm stuck with a laptop to play (Asus n82jv) which is not good for new games, yet I still can play fine with some from a few years ago. I like building things and computers so it was only a matter of time that I find Linus' videos on youtube. I look forward to meet and help this community!