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  1. Agree
    Kdog got a reaction from The Flying Sloth in Digital music making for free? Where do I start?   
    Your best bet here is probably reaper. It has an infinite free trial that you can use until you decide that you like it. 
  2. Informative
    Kdog got a reaction from Mr.Stork in Would RTX Voice work on Pre-Recorded recordings?   
    I actually just did some testing on this so I can answer fairly well. Firstly, I did this two ways, firstly by using a physical loopback cable from the output of my interface back into the input which seemed to be the best way to do so. With that being said, I also tried using VB-CABLE which simulates an input and output. With this, I used the input and output as an insert in Adobe Audition routing some intentionally messy audio and got good results but it was a hassle to setup. 
    If you want more information/have any questions let me know!
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    Kdog got a reaction from rice guru in DAC vs. Interface   
    Interfaces have both and ADC an DAC component to them usually with high quality preamps. If you have an xlr microphone and a pair of speakers/headphones then I'd recommend running with an interface. If you just have headphones, a DAC should work fine and may even be better as they're specialized for outputting audio. Most people don't have both a DAC and an interface, especially if they have a high quality interface such as an Apollo from Universal Audio or something from Focusrite's higher end range. 
    Let me know if you have any other questions.
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    Kdog reacted to Master Disaster in is it possible to split audio   
    No and why would you want that? Just disable in game music and play your custom music in the background while you game.
  5. Agree
    Kdog reacted to rice guru in Do I need a speaker for my PC? How will I hear sounds?   
    Sorry but I disagree with this. Their is not enough room a.monitor for a decent speaker considering how flat monitors are these days.  But then again I own multiple headphones and multiple sets of of speakers because monitor speakers suck so much
  6. Informative
    Kdog reacted to berny22 in Z906 console height?   
    Got the Z906 today.. If someone ever needs the information, the console height is 6.4 cm = 2.52"
  7. Like
    Kdog got a reaction from The_Vaccine in Looking for in-ear recommendations   
    You said looking for headphone recommendations, but said you're looking for in-ears. So which is it?
    For IEMs these would be good and for headphones, these should work for you.  
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    Kdog reacted to corrado33 in So I bought a "Macro pad" from the same company in Tarren's last video.   
    I bought a "Sweet 16" macro pad from 1up keyboards after watching Tarren's recent video. (Buying their kit is much easier than all the autohotkey stuff tarren was doing.) It's honestly the cheapest I've EVER seen a macro pad, probably because you have to solder the entire thing together yourself. 
    While the instructions on the website were absolute shite, I eventually got it working. The soldering wasn't bad... but then again I've been soldering for years and have the right tools. Some of the solder pads on the board were a bit.... small, but it all works fine, I just had to be careful.
    Honestly though, this thing is super cool, and the amount of things you can do with it are amazing. It's all powered by an arduino, so you could even write custom firmware if you wanted. I spent $50 total on this thing, while other similar products are up in the hundreds of dollars range. Like THIS, for example. Right now I have it working just with the default keypad file that they tell you to download (essentially makes it a numberpad) but I'm in the process of making my own with the software that they tell you to download. Mine may only have 16 buttons, but it can have many "layers" which means I can make it do 100s of different things. I'm so impressed by it's customizability that I may go back and buy a complete keyboard kit from them. I highly suggest you go check it out if you know how to solder and like to work with macros. Super cool piece of kit. AND, it's portable. Your macros on one computer will work with another computer (provided the macro doesn't require any software that's not installed on the other computer.) After it's programmed, it just acts like a keyboard, with plug and play functionality. It's great. 
    If you do buy it and have questions and can't figure out how to program the damn thing, message me, I'll help you. (Their discord was useless.) (The trick is to push the reset button twice then choose the correct com port and the "program" button all within 8 seconds. After 8 seconds the currently loaded program begins to run and you can no longer program it with the bootloader.)
  9. Funny
    Kdog got a reaction from Bajantechnician in Mean Comments :'(   
    Do you mean Private Internet Access? Use promo code linus for up to 60% off. 
  10. Funny
    Kdog got a reaction from sowon in Mean Comments :'(   
    Do you mean Private Internet Access? Use promo code linus for up to 60% off. 
  11. Agree
    Kdog reacted to ShredBird in Help! Trying to use 5.1 PC speakers with my TV   
    So a 1/8" to RCA to the adapter you showed and OP can at least get fuller sound if not surround. Probably a similar experience to a soundbar for cheaper!
  12. Funny
    Kdog reacted to Max_Settings in are these good headphones Massdrop x Sennheiser HD 6XX Headphones   
    HD6XX is pretty good for gaming. Please excuse Turtle here as he hasn’t the slightest clue what he is talking about.
  13. Agree
    Kdog reacted to LlamaFamah in Hackintosh build planning   
    I'd suggest buying a 2012 mac mini off of ebay, and upgrading ram, storage, etc. It will come with Windows, and then all you need to do is get Bootcamp and run Windows alongside. 
    This is what I did for mine. Spent 350 or so
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    Kdog got a reaction from K i a r a in Dropping Frames [OBS/Twitch] Help!   
    Alright, I did some research and dropped frames aren't from your pc stuttering as I thought first but instead your connection. Try lowering your bitrate as I suggested. Also, if you're on wifi it's possible that's causing your dropped frames. Try streaming to youtube or mixer to see if you're still dropping frames. it could be the twitch servers. 
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    Kdog got a reaction from K i a r a in Dropping Frames [OBS/Twitch] Help!   
    Switch from software encoding to your dedicated card (should be 1060 for you based on your signature). Do some tests with that and see if you keep dropping frames. Also, try temporarily lowering your bitrate to 2000. Your machine and internet should be able to handle a bitrate of 3000 but you never know.
  16. Agree
    Kdog got a reaction from -rascal- in 12gb's of ddr3 installed, 8gb showing   
    I didn't just install 8gb's. The computer came with 8gb from the factory and about 3 years ago I added another four. It's been working until I installed a new SSD. Then it only showed 8. When swapping different sticks it still only shows 8. Your response was quite hostile and unnecessary and 
    was simply not necessary. 
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    Kdog got a reaction from Ashley xD in Mean Comments :'(   
    Do you mean Private Internet Access? Use promo code linus for up to 60% off. 
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    Kdog reacted to .Apex. in Mean Comments :'(   
    for anyone wondering, to post a link for a comment just find a comment and click on the time beside the name, that will refresh the page and it will be a highlighted comment, so then you can copy the link.
    when you paste the link here, make sure you click on "Display as Link Instead" on the bottom, or just remove "www.youtube.com"
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    Kdog got a reaction from Dissitesuxba11s in Mean Comments :'(   
    Do you mean Private Internet Access? Use promo code linus for up to 60% off. 
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    Kdog reacted to sowon in Discord   
    That goes under advertising to me since you're asking for free stuff.

  21. Agree
    Kdog got a reaction from iLostMyXbox21 in Discord   
    Maybe you could say what you did. Somethings you considered as a joke others don't. They aren't inherently bad mods just because they banned you. 
  22. Informative
    Kdog got a reaction from Liminal Doughnut in What cable is this?   
    Thats called a slimline power connector. Only really used in laptops afaik. Here's a converter.
  23. Agree
    Kdog reacted to KarathKasun in What cable is this?   
    Its a slim optical SATA connector, you need a cable to break it out to desktop SATA/power.
  24. Agree
    Kdog reacted to CharminUltraStrong in Best Ant-Virus Software?   
    Bit defender.
  25. Agree
    Kdog got a reaction from DragonWill in Middle mouse button getting blocked   
    Do you have the Ghostery plugin added?  Apparently, that's what's causing it. Disabling it temporarily should fix this issue.