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    I9 9900k
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    Asus Maximus XI Hero
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    32GB Hyper X Predator
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    2080 ti Asus Strix non OC
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    Lian Li Lancool 2 white

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    500gb Samsung NVME
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    Asus 850 Thor
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    HP Omen 1440p 165hz GSYNC
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    Hyper evo Black edition
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  1. For me game makes the game lose its brightness .
  2. I’m at a point in time where I think HDR in games is a gimmick so I would go for one HDR video is amazing I can recommend AW3520dw. The screen is so bright color very vibrant. It’s a ips panel also g9 is trash unless you race
  3. Game modes seems to really take a lot of the eye candy away from the games. This is my issue I have set everything I think right. Free sync off Dolby on vrr on also I have hgig on because I was told it’s better to adjust per game why is game mode still trash after all these years with consoles being the most played. Not to get into a debate I would just like anyone who knows more for help to see how they got there configure I know it’s a popular tv and all
  4. Hi guys i wanted to know the best place to get a PS5/Series x right now ? WHat i mean is which is the most reputable ?
  5. Will any of them work i have a lg Portable. I use VLC for dvd
  6. I like watching movies and alot of them are from other countrys. I would like to buy a player that is region free. Im from North America if that matters.
  7. You guys are all right im going to try and dial it back to +150 and +500 mem and see how it goes. Do you guys think RTX games are for picky then non rtx games ?
  8. I am able to my 2080ti overclocked with most of my older games like bf5 and Modern warfare no issue. it seems games like dirt5 and cyberpunk cause GPU crashes which causes the game to crash. I have right now +170 on the core and +700 mem
  9. I am using 10 1909. Is the new one ok 20h2 ?
  10. This monitor looks great on paper but i heard some horrible stories with HDR flicker with gsync and 240 hz together is a problem. I heard they did some firmware updates and actually stopped selling it. Is this monitor considered a loss for Samsung or is it still worth it. I want to replace my AW3420DW. I like sim racing so i was thinking of going this route but also have my eye on 2 more HP OMEN 165 27" Gsync monitors also. I have a 2080ti so im still kinda on the high end side of gpu power
  11. I just noticed that in day light it pretty much does away. Why is that ?
  12. I tried to play the other day and couldnot find a tdm game
  13. I bought it last October and didn’t really notice it until I started watching videos now I’m hyper sensitive.