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  1. If you're not going to overclock, you should be fine. Just make sure you have adequate ventilation. In all honesty I was considering the same board. But I have a tendency to overclock. As for the monitor, you would be outpacing it but the up side is you wouldn't have frame drops, and you were speaking about replacing the monitor anyways.
  2. Seconded, the other parts will hold up fine. And IMO, unless you're overclocking, you probably don't need the MB, and if you were to upgrade, I'd suggest going to an X570 board, or one without known heat issues (that said, my friend has one and seems to like it, and I was thinking about getting one purely for the aesthetic), like the MSi Tomahawk MAX B450. And mebbe a 750 watt PSU, because they are around the same price as a 650 and more is always better.
  3. [Update - 3/27/20] - Beware text update coming... So just before all this COVID-craziness, I purchased a new monitor as I was getting a little over 1080p60, so I picked up an AOC CQ32G1. Very happy with the extra real estate going from a 27" to 32". 1440p and 144Hz with Freesync doesn't hurt either. Though after putting it in I sadly discovered my GPU was pretty much at the end of its life in my system. After the last 5 years its definitely paid its due, I'm still a little attached to that card as its one of the few parts that's still from my original build, and one of the first th
  4. [Update: 3/27/20] Small revision, I upgraded the GPU in my rig, and passed down my customized GTX 970 to this machine after a cleaning and some new Arctic Silver 5. I realize the difference between these cards is negligible, but after the work I've done, and its one of the few parts I have from to this card it deserves to be used. Not to mention its a bit of a beast (for Maxwell) for overclocking, which I'll probably play around with tonight when I can actually get her off Minecraft. Also, Mags decided to rename her PC, its now known as "Watermelon" due to the Razer K
  5. I'm not going to lie, that's a neat idea, though I'd probably build a new case if I were to attempt, simply to fit the monitor inside. And watercooling, because watercooling. Good luck!
  6. [Update - 3/15/20] So with my shifts and people visiting we didn't have the time to get the system built immediately, but after work today we got the time to finish assembling it and get it running. Little girl is very happy with it, though she hasn't had the chance to play on it yet as I still needed to do the installs. but hopefully we'll get some time in tomorrow before I need to go to work. For now it will live in the basement next to my rig, but we'll see what happens once I finally clear out the old shop in the basement and
  7. [Update - 2/28/20] Finally reassembled the case. Hopefully I'll update again with some build pics this weekend. For now.....
  8. I know this is older and the problem has likely since been finished. But IMO, you could just get an SFX (or even an ATX) power supply and wire in something like a deutsch connector to the case in line with the power wires, and just use the power supply like an external brick. At least that way replacement is easier and you free up space inside. Wiring might be tedious, but at least a little more standardized. Not sure how well the coolers would work that close to one another though, as it seems like they'd starve each other for air.
  9. Snapped a quick close up after clear coat. One more coat of clear tomorrow, than hopefully reassemble tomorrow or Friday night. [Update - 2/27/20] Just put down the last coat of clear, should be able to finish unmasking tomorrow and reassemble the case. Though I won't be updating again until my daughter and I can build it. Her birthday is Saturday, but the party is on Sunday so I'm not sure if we'll give it to her on Sat, and assemble it then or wait. We'll see. Two things I will note, if you're thinking about using this paint or something else
  10. My only suggestion might be to grab a piece of about 1/4" acrylic about the same size as the pump mounting slots on the back wall and sand down the sides of it and mount a light strip facing into it to illuminate the slots from behind, would go well with the lighting you already have. Good job!
  11. It's the closest I can get to getting paint mixed or adding throw on metal flake. As long as you do light coats with it, as it's easy to overdo it with the glitter. The interior isn't going to be too flashy, just white and maybe a matching pink PSU shroud when I get time. I also made a template for an acrylic back wall, but I'm not sure if I'm going to bother. We'll see. For now the lighting is just ambient from the white led fans that are going in. But I may get a cheap light strip later on. Thanks for the interest!
  12. Second coat was done this morning. Glitter is down. If you're thinking it's a bit loud, yup. It is. It's for a six year old.
  13. Not much to update aside from....... COLOUR! It is.. very... very... pink. Like.. Linus' Lambo Pink... Like if it were outside you could easily see it from space pink. I'll likely hit it with another coat in the morning, and hopefully with the glitter before I head to work. Maybe clear at about midnight or so.