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  1. I installed my Scyhe Mugen 5 and my temps dropped by 10C
  2. the Scythe Mugen 5 Rev B was back in stock for £5 more than Hyper 212, snagged it.
  3. Ive had a bad experience with the Arctic 34 Duo, would you recommend anything in particular?
  4. I'm deciding between the two coolers for my 3600 and want to know which is better.
  5. the shadow rock 2 goes for less than the pure rock 2, would it be better?
  6. oh does it come with the AM4 mounting hardware, I heard some bequiet coolers dont
  7. Looks easier to install aswell guess its Pure Rock 2 then.
  8. I believe the Pure Rock 2 was the one I was after, not the Slim, is it worth paying the extra £5-7 for the Pure Rock 2 over the Hyper 212 BE?
  9. Interesting, I ran a Hyper 212 on my 3770K for 6 years and it was pretty much silent. Would the Pure Rock Slim be better than a 212, I heard it's better thermal wise and it costs $10 less so.
  10. Yeah the black versions are over £100, yikes. Would a Hyper 212 Black edition suffice?
  11. The Noctuas look nice but unfortunately they dont have wide availability in the UK, and I really don't like the cream colour scheme.
  12. The first one I ordered came defective with a fan that would not spin past 200 RPM, the second unit rattles when at high temperatures. What do you guys recommend as an alternative to this cooler for a Ryzen 5 3600?
  13. i remoumted the fan with the clip seems to have job the job, hopefully it stays that way.
  14. its mounted properly though they only get mounted by these finniky tiny clips