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  1. The pricing cited in the video is weird. In infrastructure network, we mount 170mm 220V fans pushing 120-140 L/s, and they are about 20$ a pop. They are as noisy as the one featured in the video. They are fully metal, and VERY dangerous. We use them to cool our cabins containing optical nodes amplifiers and power supplies.
  2. My opinion is : never buy new L glass if you won't be making money with it. I was shopping for a 70-200 as well a few months ago. It was either a f/2.8 or a f/4 IS. I kept looking on the used market and ended up finding a virtually new f/4 IS for 620€, owned for 6 months and never used, still under warranty for a year and a half, bill of sale and all. So if you're not in a hurry, take some time to research different markets, you might end up saving quite a bit of money. It's also worth noting that glass doesn't really age at all, if a lens has been used an
  3. I had the same issue with a 4790k/gtx980. For me the problem came from Vsync, I had to disable it in game, and then enable it from the Nvidia control panel. Give it a try, even if it doesn't solve your issue it won't take long anyway. Uninstalling Geforce experience is a good idea as well, it's been too intrusive for a while now.
  4. Oh man, that full copper cooler brought back memories, I used to have Zalmann on both my Celeron and my 9800GT. Good times.
  5. Then just keep GPU-Z running, and when you're done with your gaming session or whatever, just click the temp field to cycle between min, max and avg.
  6. You can log to file with GPU-Z, it's a bit raw, it'll generate a CSV formatted TXT file with every sensor data available. You can then rename this to an actual CSV file and open it in Excel to generate a graph if you want but it might require a bit of tinkering.
  7. Yup, I did the same, bought the body (760D), and a first lens, nifty fifty in my case, then invested in more glass later down the line. It helps understanding what you can and can't do with a specific focal/aperture range, and invest incrementaly as you want to make progress and try new things. I think I would have got borded very quiclky if I had it all at once. But to each his own, if you just want to get things done at once (family/travel photog), then it might indeed make more sense to cover as much focal lenght as possible.
  8. I've never had a horrible GPU, but I used to be kind of late to the game (cuz no money). First card was an ATI Rage 128 to play Warcraft 3. After that 7600GT, 9800GT, GTX670 and now GTX980.
  9. The subject is the kid in the middle. I would have liked something a bit more developed as a critique, I mean not being able to find a subject when there's a big glowing thing in the middle is a bit weird. I get that it's random, but is random a bad thing? It reminds me of an article I read a while ago : http://cphmag.com/aboutness/ Anyway, I'm not gonna go on a rant, photography is a mean of expression, so, to each his own .
  10. In terms of quality it's not that great, not sharp at all, and there's a lot of chromatic aberations. the sun feels too harsh, which should be easily fixed if you shot raw. I like the scene itself though (even if the subject is slightly off-centered). 6.5/10
  11. Nicely composed, panned almost correctly, but without a 1-axis IS, it can be tricky I guess. 8/10
  12. A better CPU will help you to handle larger assemblies in SW, and will improve simulations and renderings. I've never seen any real improvement in calculations with a consumer grade GPU, even high end, except maybe for RT rendering, and a few eye candy improvement (there's a tiny hack to enable realview rendering with non-certified GPU's, works for Nvidia, not sure about AMD), but even a mid-end one should be enough for that. They advertise better performance with a CAD optimised (and Solidworks certified) GPU, but I've never tried it myself, so I'd rather not give any
  13. 8/10. Could be a ten, because I love this kind of stuff, but I think you didn't manage your aperture and focus plane very well, resulting in the center of the subject being blurry. To me at least it's a problem, may not be to someone else. New submission, same day (and same mood) as the previous one (which nobody rated )
  14. Nothing interesting, no real composition, it's shot in direct sun, so colors are kill. 2/10 But I get it, new lens and all, it always takes a while to start putting it to good use Countryside postcard incoming.
  15. I started the same way with my dual monitor setup, it looks quite cool keeping them slamed on the desk like that. But them I found it more useful to have additional space under them, for the DAC, headphones, and a cup of coffee of course. Plus it helps keeping a better working position.