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  1. It makes sense for me but it is definitely not what I recommend for other people.. If I didn't do the full custom water loop I could have had a sli 980ti/5820k system.. instead of the 6600k/gtx980 system I actually built. I would always recommend not water cooling until you have top of the line components.. But.. I was ok with it, because I watch youtube, play music, and sometimes game... on a 1080 60hz panel.. So what I have is perfect, and will be for a while.
  2. I thought the older gpu's were disgusting, and I was glad when they did away with those designs and opted for cleaner, more sophisticated looking coolers.
  3. If you havent put this pc together yet, consider this.. I right now have a 6600k with a gtx 980.. had I not built a custom water loop, I could have got a 5820k with an AIO or nice air cooler, and a 980ti or a 1080... I was hell bent on water cooling and I was ok with this, because It's plenty for what I need. But if you have to sacrifice performance that you might need to afford water cooling components, it might not be what you want to do.
  4. Used, maybe 400-500 CAD.. depending which corsair 750w psu it is *edit: That's my opinion anyway.
  5. I'd go with the titan black for what you need..
  6. I use a wired 360 controller. I bought a steam controller and gave it a fair shot, but I wound up going back to the 360 controller. I'm ok with wired, as I have no plans to ever try to sit across the room or anything, and it's nice not having to worry about batteries.
  7. If budget is going to be an issue buying a card later, I would not buy one right now to hold you over until you make up your mind. It's just money wasted.
  8. Well, obviously. That's where adjusting quality settings come into play. If anybody tells you they are running witcher3, fallout4, gta5, and probably quite a few others, with a 970, and with the settings fully maxed at 60fps in 1080, they are lying to you. But slight tweaks will provide a fluid game experience. It just depends how willing to sacrifice bits of quality you are. Some people are not willing at all, and therefore should not get a 970. If you don't mind turning a setting down here or there, it's not a bad choice, especially for the price you have presented to you.
  9. Forget future games, a 970 isn't cutting it to max current games in 1080 all the time. If max settings are a big thing for you, you will be supremely disappointed with a 970, and the 1070 might be a better solution for you. If however, you don't mind running high or medium high.. a 970 is just fine.
  10. For the cpu you have, the cooler you mentioned is fine. I only said that adding a gpu to it would not be an ideal solution. I couldn't recommend really any water cooler to be honest, because I personally believe that the money could be better spent. What you would spend on a decent liquid AIO you could buy an SSD with. What you would spend on a full custom loop you could buy a 4790k and an AIO. For your cpu, if you have to buy a cooler, I wouldn't spend any more than a hyper212.
  11. I wouldn't try to include a video card on that 120mm AIO. If you want to actually setup a proper loop, again I dont recommend it because the money would be better spent on higher class components. I used to have that same gpu. When I looked for a waterblock there weren't any that fit without modification.
  12. It would not hinder air flow, that bracket is designed to be used in that type of scenario. But honestly, on the GPU in your signature anyway, you would really just be wasting your money. You will most definitely see a much lower temperature, but you shouldn't be seeing one now that really warrants water cooling... With what you spend getting that little loop setup for a gpu, you could almost buy a new or another gpu
  13. Did you have a driver crash you might not have noticed that could be locking your gpu's clock speed really low? That happens to me sometimes.
  14. You would need to buy a cooler period with the 6600k, not just a better one, as it doesn't come with a stock cooler.
  15. Having owned one a couple years ago, if I had to make the budget build decision again I would go with an i3 this time around. That's not to say it was horrible, but I've learned from that experience. I will say though that when I upgraded from the 6300@4.5ghz to an i7 3770, with the same video card(gtx 970) I saw over a 2,500 point improvement in firestrike.
  16. i5 6600k@4.5ghz GTX 980@1538mhz 16gb g.skill ddr4 3000mhz evga supernova 750 p2 fractal design define S EK coolstream pe 360 EK coolstream se 360 EK supremacy mx cpu block evga hydro copper water gpu block d5 vario with ek-xtop revo d5 Temps for both cpu and gpu under full load are between 45 and 50 depending on how warm or cool it is in my room at that moment. At stock clock speeds they rarely break 30. Future plans include adding a couple more LED strips to better illuminate the darker areas, and I may use a piece o
  17. So, I guess when I put the top back on the DDC pump I was using I must have tightened the bolts too hard and caused a crack to form. It was very thin, so thin I could not get it to show up in any picture no matter how good the lighting, but after about a week enough fluid had leaked into the pump to fry it. So.. if you ever find yourself putting a DDC top on, I guess be careful about that. Anyway, I immediately ordered a D5 and ran a slightly ghetto looking setup while I tried to come up with another plan. Using a different pump meant I needed new fittin
  18. If you already have a 980ti and have the opportunity to get a great deal on a 2nd I would just do that.. just because the 1080 is almost here doesn't mean the 980ti suddenly sucks.. it's still a beast. Unless you could really stand to benefit from some of the newer features the 1080 offers you're talking about a huge chunk of money for a small gain in performance. In instances where you can benefit from SLI the performance will be a good deal better, and in instances where you can't, you're not going to be too far behind it anyway.
  19. A 380 is plenty fine for high-ish settings in 1080 for GTA 5
  20. My water pump uses a molex.. but even my LED strip is sata
  21. I think most of my purchases come from newegg.ca and ncix.com.. it's mostly a price thing though. I have been known to get things from amazon, and if canada computers has a good deal and the item is in stock at a local store I hit them up. Water cooling stuff is mostly from dazmode.com
  22. Dont let that drive you away from it, you can bet that every popular MP game out there has lots of cheaters. Every single one.
  23. ^^ But, if you wanted the water coming in the bottom to be on the left side, you could have it come out the right at the top where it's directly below your cpu.