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  1. I managed to snag a gigabyte 3070 (https://www.gigabyte.com/Graphics-Card/GV-N3070EAGLE-8GD/sp#sp). This is my first Nvidia card so I don't know if these numbers are good. I managed to push the core clock to 2000 MHz and the memory clock to 8023 MHz. The reference specs are 1725 MHz and 7000MHz respectively. Is this considered good?
  2. I just called my Memory Express, i don't know if you're near one. They said they only got 2 3080's and 0 3090's. No idea about 3070 stock yet. They said if they don't have stock they take your name and number and you're put in a waitlist for one.
  3. based off of pure nostalgia, skyrim is probably my favourite game of all time. I've played it since 2012 and i've loved every minute of it. I still play it to this day, although not as much. Witcher 3 is much better than skyrim though. It doesn't allow you to be anyone you want to be like skyrim does but I found the combat and storyline MUCH stronger.
  4. basically what the title says. someone near me is selling a 2080 super for $625 CAD/ $480 USD and I'm wondering if that's a good price.
  5. That must have taken considerable effort. Those things were tanks
  6. This is speculation but I'd wager 1080p 60fps, Maybe 1440p 60fps but nothing higher than that.
  7. Canadian prices are never 1:1 with American prices. 699USD is just over 900CAD but since we're a smaller market they can squeeze us for a few more bucks and get away with it. The prices are usually between 70-100USD more in Canada
  8. i have a feeling that you'd have better luck with the 3090 just because of the price. The 3080 is an expensive card but its at the cusp of most budgets.
  9. When you went there, they had cards? I was told by an employee that their servers update the stock on their website in 15min intervals. Im surpised they have stock for the 3080
  10. https://www.memoryexpress.com/Category/VideoCards?FilterID=45788ec3-6bb1-e460-abe6-afa274b9d30e All of them say inperson only
  11. Im surprised their were cards to sell at most placed, even in the states. I would have thought employees would have reserved some.
  12. memory express specifically stated that you could only buy them in-person. No preordering either
  13. As far as I know, the 2 MemEx's in my city didn't get any.
  14. This card is so fast that your CPU is going to be bottlenecked regardless almost. at 1440p/4K the GPU is taking on more of the load than CPU so CPU matters less in this situation. If you're buying it with a 1080P panel you're wasting your money since the gpu doesn't even max out at 1080P. Tbh a 3600x/xt will be completely fine for 1440P/4K since it's GPU bound more than CPU.