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    dave6018 got a reaction from Alan272 in MSI X570-A-PRO MOTHERBOARD IS GOOD FOR GAMING   
    I have the x570 a pro, with a ryzen 3600, with all core overclock to 4.2, I have zero issues. i kinda bought it pretty much as soon as it came out so like a d*ck i did not check the reviews but if i had i would not of bought it, but on the other hand i have had zero issues. only thing that i do not like is the lack of a reset bios option on the i/o, you have to short the pins.
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    dave6018 got a reaction from Leandro B in i7-4790k to a Ryzen 3700x, upgrade or wait?   
    i went from a 4790k paired with a gtx1080 to ryzen 3600 and i would personally say its worth it, but the 4790k is a great cpu.   
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    dave6018 reacted to DisconnectedYT in USB Passthrough - alright for gaming?   
    May add like 5ms or something but i have a wireless mouse and played Pro for 1 month and this crap about ms making you play worse is absolute Bu******!