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    AMD FX-8320
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    2x Patriot Viper Series3 4GB 1600Mhz DDR3
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  1. Yes I'm always on the latest driver as the old ones seem to have bigger issues than the latest ones in terms of crashing stuff up, it's unfortunately still very unstable and as someone who came from an Nvidia card it feels really unpolished
  2. Hey guys, so I've upgraded my PC a while ago with an RX5700 hoping I would get the performance I needed, while not overspending and going beyond what I really needed for the upcoming years. However I noticed in a few titles that my 7600k (OC @ 4.8GHz) is lagging behind, with CPU usages fixed at 100% and background applications like Discord and OBS (even with AMD encoder) FREEZING when playing recent titles like COD: Modern Warfare, and sometimes even freezes on Forza Horizon 4, I realised it was time to go for a overhaul of my system. I will be keeping my PSU as it's recent, as well as th
  3. Hey! Slightly late reply but I didn't have much time yesterday to mess around with the overclock So I've been going around it for a little while, following the Anandtech post's clocks and voltages. I did my stress testing with Realbench I ran it at 4.6ghz with cache at 4.3, at 1.114v (idk what happened, i input 1.150 on the bios but Intel XTU gave me only 1.114v), got temperatures of about 70ºC in stress testing Then ran it at 4.7ghz, with cache at 4.4, at 1.200v (showing 1.199 on Intel XTU). It sat at around 76ºC to 78ºC after i made my fan
  4. Well, if the prices for the custom cards will be the same then I'm totally interested in waiting the 1 or 2 weeks for this to happen, like I mentioned in the post I'm not interested in the Ray Tracing, and I'm not sure I'll have any particular need for CUDA cores in specific. So if I can get a custom cooler 5700XT card for 440€ and that can perform better than the 2060Super it seems like a nice deal to me Would a 550w PSU be enough for either of these cards if I'm overclocking my i5?
  5. I'll give it a go then, at which temperatures and clocks should I stop to stay on the safe side? I didn't even know about the 7800's existence, but a quick googling shows me that it's on other socket (LGA2066 instead of 1151) and around 500 dollars (can't even find it in my country)... Maybe you meant the 7700k? Though at 370€ brand new for just hyperthreading and a little bit more clock it seems a bit overpriced... And I can't really say much about the used market in my country as it's very hard to find anything, people don't sell used parts very often here Seems like
  6. Hello, I've been wanting to upgrade my PC since the beginning of the year and I was put off by some real life friends of mine who said "wait! just wait! you're fine for now, there will be new stuff coming out later this year". And I've waited... But recently I've been hitting the wall when it comes to gaming performance. Hitting max VRAM in some games and dropping frames very often (sometimes even in League of Legends, in late game, when there's a baron buff), I've just reached my limit with my poor old 3gb GTX1060 I've previously made a thread here, in January, asking
  7. So if I do save up the extra for the new PSU and I get a TierC PSU should I still aim for the 500~550 W range, or should I get a bit more like 650W? The PSUs on Tier C are already pretty expensive (compared to what my current one costed me about 2 years ago), so if I should buy one I want to do the right purchase EDIT: Also, aren't the RT cores useful for more than just Raytracing? I heard about something like better streaming on the RTX cards and so on with newer NVidia drivers, not sure if it has anything to do with that
  8. Hello, The problem here is simple: I'm looking to upgrade my PC, I think I'm gonna get the most by upgrading the graphics card at this moment, because I believe my CPU should still be decent for the time being, however I'm open for discussion and suggestions on this! My biggest concern right now is (if I do upgrade the GPU) the power draw. My PSU is only 520w and I'm afraid that any significant upgrade at this moment would increase my GPU's power draw by a significant amount. On top of that, I'm not sure if I have any available connectors in case of an upgrade to a
  9. So I've decided to go with that Corsair memory at 3000 Mhz and lower the SSD to the 850 EVO, which is just a little more on the ram but 50 less on the drive. Having a little bit of flexibility now on the budget due to lowering the SSD I decided to look for a power supply of better rating, cause it could be a good investment as I can recover the money I spend now by simply having lower electricity bills over time. I found this one which is 80 Plus Gold, compared to the Seasonic in the original post: Corsair CS550M Modular 550W 80PLUS Gold - 78.90 € Model CP-902
  10. A quick digging through my local shop and found this sticks: CORSAIR PC4-24000 3000Mhz 16GB VENGEANCE LPX CL15 (2X8GB) DDR4 - 149.90 € on the store page it shows this model CMK16GX4M2B3000C15 which seems to be on the supported list for my motherboard (there was 2 entries on it, one with exactly just that model and other with ver4.24 in front of it) The price difference isn't too big so they seem alright, would this be recommended then? Quick Edit: I never used any "OC" RAM sticks, are they hard to configure? Or does the motherboard detect the speeds and timings from a profi
  11. Would you really recommend going with the 850 EVO? How much of a speed difference would that be? The hard drive speed is a bit crucial on my scenario Anyway I checked the prices for it: SAMSUNG SERIES 850 EVO ULTRASLIM 250GB 2.5" SATA III - 99,90 € Way cheaper but 540 MB/s vs 3200 MB/s on Sequencial Read seems a bit huge to me? The power supply is this one: https://seasonic.com/product/s12ii-520/ So, it's safe to go with this one? I don't want it to go boom on my PC so I'm a little concerned of it's quality Now on that RAM topic tha
  12. So, a while back I was looking for a cheap upgrade on my CPU cause my CPU is pretty lacking. For reference it's a FX8320. But seeing a lot of people recommend me the wait for the Ryzen 5 I did so. Even with a broken ethernet port I got a cheap adapter and here I am today, with a slightly higher budget, going for a full pc upgrade (except the graphics card which I upgraded in december). If you're curious about my current rig and the old thread where I got recommended to wait for Ryzen5, here's the thread: https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/746430-any-worthy-upgrade-on-the-fx8320-for-200euros-
  13. Quickly browsing, trying to find the cheapest DDR4 2x4GB, I found this: G.SKILL PC4-19200 2400MHZ 8GB VALUE SERIES CL15 (2X4GB) DDR4 70€ Is this good enough? I'm wondering how it performs comparatively to my current RAM, if better, worse, or equality, because it seems like the frequency is way higher, tho the CL is higher too quick edit: just realised its 10 euros above my budget, I think I can still push the extra 10 euros tho
  14. Checking for B250 motherboards, the cheapest I found on my local retailer is: ASUS PRIME B250M-K SKT 1151 79€ That would be 200 euros with the I3 and 140 euros with the Pentium. Seems on point! There's something that I saw however that concerns me, my current RAM memory is DDR3 and the motherboard specifies DDR4 memory, there's no backwards compatibility with RAM memory?
  15. Yeah, the main reason I'm looking for an upgrade on the CPU is the fact my Motherboard is failing, it was a cheap one so I kinda expected trouble So, changing the motherboard, I could either for for another platform and cpu (the reason why I'm asking if there's a worthy upgrade over my cpu) or I can simply get a new motherboard for the current CPU I have Since the ethernet port is kind of a big bummer I wouldn't want to wait for more than, let's say, a month, so without an ETA yet I might just not wait for it then According to those two suggestions, what motherb