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    Currently hacking into the mainframe of the pentagon so I can download all of their RAM for my supercomputer.

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  1. http://windowsreport.com/kernel-security-check-failure-windows/ I hope this is helpful
  2. I've heard of someone who had this happen to them before actually, they were fine. It's non-toxic I think.
  3. I was just joking guys good morning
  4. No no the 6890k it's the next in line to the 6800k
  5. I was thinking about upgrading to the 6890k but with the price is a bit steep to me. And since I have an APU I would have to get a graphics card... I was thinking of getting a 280x because I'm not really worried about DX12 performance or slightly faster rendering of whatever.
  6. For the shits and giggles
  7. Yeah it's somewhat common. Kind of sad that it hasn't been fixed.
  8. Everyone is hoping it will be solved soon.
  9. Yes, get Windows 8 and plug in an xbox controller.
  10. Looks like memory leakage... not much you can do about that. You could go to another OS (8.1, 7, etc)
  11. I wouldn't call it a bottleneck... since both pieces of hardware would be running at their full potetial. But you should probably get a better GPU.
  12. If you know anything about electronics it would be a pretty easy replacement. But if you don't then I'm sure you might know someone who used to work at the radio shack down the road before it closed down that would probably replace it for you for like 5 or 10 dollars.
  13. Try deleting the appdata for Day Z Windows + R > appdata > find the day z folder and delete it You will lose a couple options but nothing important really
  14. Ohhh, that sounds pretty annoying to keep around lol. Not sure if you could remove them.
  15. Gems are like runes, once you get them, you can't remove them. But on a real note, I have no idea what gems are.