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    Building a high FPS system and then exclusively playing games that don't require it. Civ 5 anyone?
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    Analytical Chemist


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    i5 4690k
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    Asus Z97-A
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    16Gb DDR3
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    Gigabyte GTX 1070
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    Samsung Evo SSD
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    Coolermaster 850w
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    Corsair K70
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    Logitech G502
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    Windows 10

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  1. Budget (including currency): fr the GPU <£300 Country: UK Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Photo editing and general use. No video editing or gaming! Other details These montiors (three of them) have already been purchased: LG UltraGear 27UL500-W 4K Ultra HD 27” IPS LCD Gaming Monitor Hi All, A friend of mine is very much into photography, and wants a new desktop to run three 4K monitors he has just purchased (see model above) The only inputs are DP and HDMI, I am ideally looking for a GPU recommendation that would wor
  2. Hi All, Looking for some advice on my partner's macbook Pro. A while back her laptop died and after sending it off for repair the conclusion was that the logic board had died. Rather than repair we bought a new model, and I intended to sell the old one for parts. For security I removed the ssd and intended to wipe it before selling. I've plugged the ssd into by Windows 10 PC via a PCIE adapter. I can now see the drive, which reports the total volume is 113Gb. This seems odd since the specs for the laptop were 128Gb. So my questions are: 1. Am I missing some HD sp
  3. Is the ability to work in either AHCI or NVME determined by the Mobo? Looking over the ASUS website there isn't any mention of NVME so I'm assuming the one doesn't support it anyway.
  4. Hello All, Looking for some advice on a m.2 ssd purchase. Currently using an ASUS Z97-A (https://www.asus.com/uk/Motherboards/Z97A/) Mobo and looking for an ssd to use in the M.2 socket purely for the OS (Windows 10). Getting a bit confused regarding NVME, AHCI, what capacity I'll need ans whether this will actually offer me any speed advantage over just using a regular ssd on a SATA connection. Any advice appreciated. DK
  5. Crikey, cheers Windspeed. I might have some more questions when I actually give it a go, but thanks for a really comprehensive answer.
  6. Thank you all for your comments and suggestions. The gist seems to be that I can get this to work, but that I would be best having two access points and disabling the router wifi. I'm happy with this solution but am wondering if it would be better to lose the ISP router modem and replace it with an equivalent Ubiquiti product. Does anyone have a suggestion which one i should use? Oh and (sorry) is there a minimum distance that would be recommended for the two devices?
  7. Hi All, I currently own a generic modem/router provided by Virgin Media (my ISP). I live in the UK. I have had some cat5e cables installed around the house and would now like to add an AP to one of these to allow the wifi to work well at the other end of the house. To do this I am looking at purchasing the ubiquiti AP lite: https://www.ubnt.com/unifi/unifi-ap-ac-lite/ My question is will I end up with two different wifi's? As in will my wireless devices need to choose between the router and the AP as I move around the house? I would like to avoid this a
  8. Just to throw another one into the mix, I went for an i5 4690k, got the overclock comfortably to 4.4ghz and have been very happy with it as a gaming/general purpose CPU. Currently on amazon for approx $295, more than your budget but I'd take that and drop the Mobo to DDR3. IMO I don't think DDR4 offers significantly more performance to warrent the extra cost at this time. https://www.amazon.co.uk/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=Intel+Core+i5+4690K+Devils+Canyon+Quad+Core+
  9. You're right I don't need three, one single column would be ideal. However I cant seem to spread the tiles out in one column to fill the whole page. I can drag other tiles to sit them side by side (see image). In this case I tried to put Phantom Pain and Fallout 4 next to Grim Fandango and they just auto jump underneath. feel like I'm missing something obvious. Is there a way to set the width of a particular column?
  10. Oh I see, So if I were to make another column "Games 4" then they would all move over slightly to make space? The existing games tiles are 4 units wide though, so if each column can only be 6 nits wide, I will not be able to fit another column of games in?
  11. Hello All, Quick question. I'm using Windows 10 and the start menu in full screen mode (see picture). I like to make tiles that list all my games, but find it odd that the default setup leave huge gaps between the columns. I've highlighted these in red. Is there a way to close these up so I can get more tiles on the screen. Left click/drag doesn't seem to do it and I cant see another obvious way. Cheers DK.
  12. Hey,


    Read your feed about crossfire on 2x 290x for gaming.  Would be interested to hear about your experiences.  I have the same config with two Sapphire cards.  A bit frustrated at the moment as I can't get the crossfire to kick in with the new Hitman.  Even considering moving to a single team green 1070.  


    Anyway.  Let me know how you've found it.



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    2. Gombel


      Yhe, well if the cards are second handed its properly a good very idea to to renew the thermal paste! Also i found out that custom fan's in MSI afterburner is a good idea! My cards fell about 5 degress when i made my custom fans, here is my custom fan's. https://gyazo.com/87b3b0b3729e510c437da1ed8b5638bc


      Also to the thermal paste were very good for me! My cards was normal 95 degress before, it went over 100 degress 2 times before that. after the thermal paste it was 60-80 as i said.

      Yhe as you say some game are just not made for Crossfire/SLI, just some games run better with one card. I find the best performance in counter strike global offensive with one card only.


      I hope i can help you wit the problem. :D if you have any questions? Just ask! :D 

      Have a nice day -Gombel

    3. DeadKerbal


      Thank you again, your advice is really appreciated.



    4. Gombel


      No problem! Just ask if you have any questions! :D

      Have a nice day -Gombel

  13. Apologies, I should have clarified. Both the cards are identical Vapour X models that are already after market cooled. I wasn't sure if them running 80+ was normal. here's the cards: http://www.sapphiretech.com/productdetial.asp?pid=30FBA531-261D-412A-B0D1-61C8AC711B41&lang=eng
  14. Can I ask a similar question? I have two Sapphire R9 290x 4Gb in crossfire in a mid tower case. I am finding when running most games the lower of the two cards is running very hot. The cards have LEDs that turn blue/yellow/red with red being upwards of 80 degrees. The upper card remains blue and appears cool even when running Heaven. I've also noticed that if the display port connection is switched to the upper card then this one heats and the lower is fine, so this seems to be an issue relating to which ever is the primary card. Please note that the case is well cooled with
  15. Looks like an awesome little piece of kit. Wonder if it would work for outdoor film nights on a suitable white wall?