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  1. hey gals and girls, quick question. which brand has better support and less bugs for triple 4k monitor support (non-gaming use)?
  2. Hey guys and gals, I'm looking to build a tower from scratch and the hardest decision i have is deciding on the correct GPU. I need something that will run three 4k monitors without a hiccup. I will NOT be gaming nor photo editing, but i will be recording one of my monitors while i'm trading stocks. Whats the most cost effective GPU option? Should i look at GTX 1080 and better? Should i focus on GPU RAM? Thanks!
  3. cheaper the better. under $100 for sure
  4. Hello. My keyboard (corsair K55) is too damn tall and slippery. I was working from my lenovo thinkpad yoga 12 these past 2 weeks and my wrist stopped hurting. I believe the height of the keyboard and the smooth, slippery plastic caps (constantly missing keys and having to delete and retype) are the culprit. I'm looking for a lower profile keyboard (mines 1.4 inches tall), and it either needs to comes with grippy key caps, or can be replaced with aftermarket grippy key caps. i know i can use a wrist rest, but i rest my entire arm on my desk (wrist to elbow), and it wo
  5. someone needs to keep them in business LOL
  6. true, but when not gaming and working ill be using 4 monitors, and i just want to make sure that a single card would support 4 3440x1440 monitors and im worried 4gb wont be enough for 4 monitors running at the same time
  7. "You would need a GPU with 4x DP's out." -Wouldnt low vram like 4GB bottleneck this? so a decent card with one DP can support 2 3440x1440 monitors via MST hub?
  8. What about if i had 4 3440x1440 monitors? would one card be sufficient or would i need two cards with 2 display ports each?
  9. hey! So, If i were looking to get two 3340x1440 monitors, would i need 4gb or 8gb of vram? also, would i need... 1) one card ( 1a) w/ one DP and use an MST hub, or 1b) two DP's, one for each monitor) OR 2) two cards (one DP each for each monitor)? -primary use for work/multitasking and gaming only on one monitor Thanks!
  10. thanks for your help Marshall! bump
  11. hey guys and ladies! I'm looking to get a large format 34 inch 3340x1440 monitor (dell u3415w) for work and also use my two 1920x1080 monitors above it via vesa mounts (hopefully get two of these large format monitors in the future). I have a few questions I need clarification on. 1) what kind of specs should I be looking for in a gpu to support this setup (and future proof for possibly 2 of these 34 inch monitors)? 1a) does the max resolution on a gpu refer to all monitors connected? 3 monitors using eyefinity for example, a single monitor, or an mst hub for 4+ monitors? 1b) sh
  12. Thanks for the responses guys! so if i were to go with the hub, i would need 1x Display Port to Mini Display Port (from gpu to hub), and 3x Display Ports to HDMI (from hub to monitors) adapters, correct? active too?