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  1. Noooooooo, I forgot to sign up! I didn't even realize it was October. Boy this last year flew by. Well good luck everyone else, have fun!
  2. This is a super clean and most excellent built! The controller ports as USB ports is a fun idea too, especially with the mouse that you have there. I'm assuming you made that mouse, right? Looks awesome. I would love for you to upload those STL files somewhere too, would be a blast to try my hand at cramming some stuff in an NES one day.
  3. Alrighty then, all the parts have made it in and it's time to finish this thing......for now of course. I'm sure I'll want to change things around more once I get my hands on a 47X0G APU. Anyways, got the radiator in and tried to use the stock barbs at first, but they were just too big and the angle of them wouldn't have worked with the pump anyways. So those got chopped off and new holes drilled. I was originally planning on soldering in those brass G1/4 to G1/8 adapters, but I again decided to try to route of less resistance and just tap the aluminum. It had a decent amount
  4. Some more progress has been made. Not much but lots of little pieces to source in order to make it work so far. All the pieces together and ready to get to work. An M11x1.0 Bottom out tap (North Bay Cutting Tools on Amazon) to make the threads, the silver pieces are time-sert part #01281 (G1/8 inner thread and M11x1.0 outer thread), the Corsair H60 pump, and the elbow pieces are G1/8 thread Festo NPQH-L-G18-Q8-P10 parts (same that [USER=7161]@petricor[/USER] used in his S4MAX build, thanks for the help!). I'm not sure if it is a necessity, but I went with a bottom out tap so that I
  5. Well, I got it in my head that I might be able to water cool this thing. The Corsair H60 pump/block is one of the shortest ones I could find which should help squeeze it all inside. I ordered some parts earlier this week and the H60 was the first piece to arrive. Time to check it out and see what I got. I gave it a quick test on a bench machine I've got laying around and all seems well. Fires up, makes a little bit of pump noise but once the bubbles settled it was acceptable. Woohoo, the internet didn't lie! This thing is actually only 28mm thick. Gonna have to read th
  6. Lol, and lucky for me that Solid Gear PSU was only $20. Left me with no guilt when ripping the guts out.
  7. Yeah, the Deskmini is a great system in itself, this was more for fun. I originally built it planning to put a 4000 series Ryzen APU in there (the Deskmini A300 only supports APUs) but I'm not sure if Asrock will supply an updated BIOS for this motherboard to add compatibility for them. They are planning to release a X300 model when the 4000 series APUs come out. I might upgrade to that if I have to, but if I can get away with a simple BIOS flash I'd much prefer that option. I also bought some parts last night to now try and watercool this thing. Wish me luck.
  8. That's the board I'm using. I just have a deep-seated hatred for external power bricks. Plus, I liked the novelty of using a standard PC power cable to power the thing.
  9. I built this little guy to bring to LTX this year before the current climate had set in. Figured I might as well show it off in here since the event was cancelled. So here it is, my Power Supply. Link to the full album on Imgur. https://imgur.com/a/WqHYFbB My litte PC. Cheap little power supply, nothing too special. Seems ordinary enough. Cables hanging all over the place and looks fine. But what's that noctua brown doing under the normal fan? Well, opening it up reveals an STX motherboard out of a Deskmini A300 and a
  10. Looks like I hit 1 billion points a little bit ago. Woohoo! Didn't think I'd see that until the end of this year sometime.
  11. Haha, I know them feels. I've got a few more places up the ranks I want to climb before I call it quits for a while.
  12. Haha, no worries. I was just joking, thanks for the hard work putting on the event and good luck with the work still ahead of you. God speed my man.
  13. Did I meet the requirements? I hope I got enough WUs and points.
  14. I've got at least one more day in my systems. I'll be keeping them all up until the morning of the 6th. After that though I will start setting them to FINISH and commence the cleanup.