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  1. That was before the R18+ rating was rolled out for video games. With the 'new' rating added in 2013 violence / gore tends to not get a game banned. Now it's only drugs and sexual violence (in most cases) that will cause a game to receive the "Refused Classification" rating and subsequently be banned.
  2. Oh I'm sure "life finds a way" It's just a legal gray area at the best of times and outright illegal at the worst
  3. they can ban sales, so there is no legal way to purchase the game. For example it is impossible to buy Hotline Miami 2 in Australia (the Developers told to just pirate it)
  4. The ban was caused by Bohemia Interactive wanting to sell physical copies, but now that it has been give the 'Refused Classification' classification it cannot be sold in australia by any means, including online.
  5. Original Source: https://www.kotaku.com.au/2019/08/dayz-pc-ps4-xbox-one-banned-completely-australia/ IARC is the acronym for the International Age Rating Coalition (IARC), See the bottom of the post for a link to further information on Australia's rating / classification system. It seems bizarre that the board is ok with extreme violence in movies and video games, but if there is some weed as a reward for completing an objective results in a instant ban. While personally I don't play DayZ, I am fearful as to wha
  6. What's more unnerving is that this wasnt initiated by the government but by the service providers themselves...
  7. Recently I've been noticing a growing number of URL's starting with wwwh instead of www. For example https://wwwh.umble-pi.com instead of the usual hostname which starts with https://www.example.com and after an hour of furiously searching google for an answer I struggled to find a conclusive answer. Any answers are appreciated
  8. The government may not directly be asking for your entire message history, however if there is a backdoor that enables you decrypt one message you can decrypt all the messages from every conversation with everyone you've ever had a conversation with. It's not about whether they say they will or not, but that they can read all the messages if they want to.
  9. It's not just searching a house, you can throw away a 5 year old newspaper clipping that you stored in a shoebox. You can't delete messages on certain platforms. And Tom Scott put ir quite well in his video where he pointed out that it's not just what laws exist now but what laws will exist in the future source:
  10. The issue with a "back door" is that it's not listening to the current conversation but listening to every conversation you've ever had on this particular platform.
  11. " Think of it this way: if you use an app to send a message to your friend, it's encrypted as it travels between the two phones or devices. When it arrives, it's decrypted for your friend to read. Under the proposed changes, if law enforcement agencies have a valid search warrant to monitor your phone, they could read the decrypted message at the same time as your friend does." ~ Source I believe they aren't asking the break the encryption between the two phones but have the ability to gather data from the end user. Whether or not this is possible is something i do n
  12. Source: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-08-14/tech-surveillance-laws-less-of-a-back-door-and-more-a-side-gate/10114534 The Australian government is proposing new laws that would enable the australian police force to gain access to encrypted messages, GPS data, etc, if they have a valid search warrant. The proposed law is not meant to be a "back door" but rather a "side gate". This would mean that rather than breaking the encryption during the transit of the message the police would be able to read, delete and copy messages at the end user's phone. The Law proposes
  13. I have a GTX 660 that i have been running in my rig for 3 years now. Even though i have upgraded my cpu to a 6700k i still need to upgrade my graphics card. I was thinking about upgrading to a geforce 10 series card but the new AMD HDR technology looks really good causing me to sway in their direction.
  14. Looks like this would be amazing at a LAN or just if you are going to a friends to play some couch CO-OP
  15. I Accidentally installed Adblock plus on another pc a couple months ago (on chrome) and it synced onto my main rig . I swiftly uninstalled it, i only just realized that i have not been getting any ads on youtube (and only on youtube as I'm getting ads on other sites). I would like to fix this as i wish to support my favourite content creators such as linus. I have attempted to fix this using multiple methods: 1. Re-installing adblock and uninstalling it again (did not work) 2. Disabling chrome sync and restarting the browser (did not work) 3. Re-installing