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    Ryzen 5 3600x
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    Asrock B450M Pro4-F
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    HyperX Fury 3200Mhz 16GB
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    RTX 2060 Super
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    Corsair 275Q
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    WD Blue SN550 1TB
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    Corsair HS70
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  1. To be honest, I am thinking about the upgrade simply because the step-up program makes it quite cheap for me, and I am thinking about future-proofing myself for 4k will do! So, assuming: I get a 750-850W PSU and upgrade to 3080 and keep my 3600X (maybe OC a little perhaps?) Am I going to have a fully capable 4k setup or would the CPU be a problem? I've heard that a CPU plays a bigger role at 1080p than at 4k, is that true? Essentially what's going on here is that I want to upgrade the card because I can do it for a
  2. Looking at your feedback it looks like I'm gonna have to go with a new PSU too! is 750W OK?
  3. Thanks for your reply. The price of a used 2060S + £260 is still well below the price of a new 3080, so I guess it's worth it? £260 isn't pocket change for sure, but it won't hurt too much especially in the long run... The PSU is my biggest concern. I'd like to avoid getting a bigger one if I don't have to, or upgrade in the future when I am ready to go 4k. Yeah I've been accepted for a trade-in, but I need to wait in the queue until they're available again.
  4. Hey guys, I am trying to figure this out but I am struggling to come up with a conclusion. Relevant parts in my pc: GPU: RTX 2060S PSU: 550W CPU: Ryzen 5 3600X RAM: 16GB I currently have 2060S by EVGA and I am eligible to use their "step up" program to upgrade to a 3080. I'll essentially get a full refund on what I paid for the first card, and have that money go towards a 3080 and I would only have to pay the difference. I am perfectly happy with my current PC setup and it runs pretty much everything I want it to run, however, the s
  5. Hi Guys I've decided to clean my girlfriend's PC because it's quite noisy. She bought it about 4 years ago, it was a pre-build and it came with a corsair AIO. I am not exactly sure what model but it's not RGB. So her pc keeps macking that very repetitive "grinding" noise, kind of like a bad fan bearing or a fan grinding against a cable. I thought that was the case so I started unplugging fans one after another to figure out which one is making the noise. Surprisingly, I've unplugged all case fans (temporarily ofc) and the GPU, and I the noise rem
  6. So the one labelled "PCIE2" on the mobo picture? Just above the ASROCK logo
  7. Hi guys, Could you please advise which ports should I use on my mobo for the following components: 2x 8gb ram stick rtx 2060S I got an Asrock B450M Pro4-f mobo. I know I am supposed to put ram sticks 2 slot apart, but I am not sure if I should start with the 1st or 2nd ram slot counting from the cpu side. also I can see that my mobo has a PCIE2 and PCIE3 sockets for my graphics card. Should I put the card in PCIE3? Is it the bottom one? Here's a link for the mobo image for reference: https://www.asrock.com/mb/AMD
  8. Hey guys is it a bad idea to get rtx 2060 super now? i am slightly worried since 30 series cards will be announced soon and I don’t want to pay for the gpu for it to immediately drop in price. I’m not sure what to do
  9. I see, thank you. I'm just trying to work around the fact that 3300X isn't available. What GPU would go well with 3600?
  10. Thank you for your reply guys. My budget isn't 100% rigid, I can spend a little bit more if I have to, if it means getting the pc now rather than in a months time lol. I am looking for alternatives to 3300X now, is 3600 OK for my needs?
  11. Budget (including currency): £600 / GBP Country: UK Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: World of Warcraft, FFXIV, ocassional games such as kerbal space program etc. Other details: I don't need any peripherals, would like to have at least 1 usb-c port, I already have an SSD so won't need that. Why are you upgrading? I am currently using an old laptop with a docking station. I got somebody who wants to buy it off me for £450 and I feel like its a great deal for me. My current laptop has a 1050 + i5 7300HQ, and
  12. no no I don't want to stream anything or play over the network. There's a folder "interface" for custom files that alter the appearance of the game etc. It's just a regular folder. I don't need it to be in sync 24/7 or to stream anything, all I want is to make it so if I add a new file on my desktop (into that folder) it'll appear on my laptop in the same location too.
  13. It doesn't matter really, as long as the folders stay in sync most of the time I tried to create a home group but I'm not entirely sure how to apply it to that folder
  14. Hey guys! I'm not sure if it's the correct forum to ask, my apologies if it's not. Sooo I have a new laptop that I bought so I can play wow when I'm at work/traveling/etc and it's great but 1 thing really annoys me, I have to manage my addons on 2 computers separately which is really tedious and annoying. Is there a way to keep a folder on my pc In this case: C:\Program Files (x86)\World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns always (or whenever there's network) on 2 computers? Like so if I add a new addon on my PC, it'll appear o
  15. Hey guys. I got a hp stream laptop and it's great for what I need it (mainly work when I have no access to my desktop) but there's 1 problem. It has 32GB eMMC storage that's soldered to the motherboard so I can't realistically upgrade it, and it's not quite enough. The laptop also has a SD card reader which gave me an idea. Would a SD card work as a HDD replacement? I would run windows and all the essential stuff on my laptop's storage, but I'd also want to run certain programs (like visual studio or GIMP for example) from the SD card.