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    Ryzen 3950X
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    Asus Rog Hero VIII X570
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    RTX 2080 TI
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    LIAN LI PC-O11 WGX ROG Edition
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    Few nvme drives
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    EVGA 1000 Plat.
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    Acer Predator X34
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    Custom WCing Loop
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    Corsair K95 RGB Plat.
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    Win 10 Pro 64
  1. Okay, I think I figured it out.. tried swapping cables, used ddu, tried hdmi instead of dp.. same results.. did a factory reset on my monitor and seems to be fixed now.. very odd but hopefully its resolved now.
  2. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling graphics drivers with no change.. it does this in games and when watching yt videos.. ideas what is going on? Fringing RTX 3090 FE - YouTube
  3. I need access to a website from one location to another. The problem is where the server is located (a webserver) will be getting internet access via a cellular provider and that provider does not give you a public ip, its behind multiple layers of nat I am told.. so using dynamic dns service will not work. The webserver that I am using is for a custom made app that runs on a raspberry pi 4.. I was wondering if I setup a site to site vpn from the raspberry pi to my home would solve this issue? If so anyone have a good tutorial on how to set something like this up? thank you!
  4. Okay thanks for the info.. I will probably just go the Ubuntu route then. If it were not using a hardware raid the way I explained how to set it up in my op how I would of done it btw?
  5. No I was not aware of that.. what would you suggest I run instead of freenas? thanks for the heads up.
  6. Hey all, I picked up a R720 Dell server, dual 8 core xeons, 128gb ram and 8 3tb hdds in raid 5 (H710 controller) and configured with one hot spare, I am going to use it for my network storage/firewall/random vm's to play around with. I am new to this and have a few questions. As of now I have esxi 6.7 installed and booting off a usb drive. The only hdd's in the system is the raid 5 array so esxi shows just that available for adding a datastore. I want to install a vm with freenas now but have some questions on creating the datastore. I want my network share storage size to be 12tb in freen
  7. This phone work in the US on Verizon?
  8. I only have 9 ssd's in all of my systems, 10 is just better than 9... faster is why!
  9. Kova white please Recently rebuilt my system with a nice white NZXT 440H case, liking the white theme!