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  1. Yeah, the OS, exactly, I'm using windows 7 right now. I just wanted to transfer the OS to the ssd, but if a fresh install is recommended then I see no reason not to do it, Thanks!
  2. So guys, I'm finally getting an ssd, right now I use only a 500gb hard drive ( I don't need that much storage since I play just one game) But still I have quite a bit of software development tools and all that kind of jazz, Stuff that I wouldn't like to lose, So I'm getting the ssd and thus making an upgrade to windows 10 with it... My doubt is: Can I change the system folder from the hdd to the ssd with the standard w10 upgrade system? Without having to whipe my hard drive and lose everything?
  3. Well, I guess there's no reason to not look forward to win this beauty. Good luck everyone!
  4. I'm guessing this was the best solution yet, I really thought about the whole powerline thing, the price of this kind of stuff here in Brazil is just stupid right now, and the router he recommended actually has a very decent price. I'm just kind of confused with the whole 5ghz vs 2.4ghz, which one should I use? Thank you guys for all the opinions by the way =D
  5. Hey guys, how y'all doing? So, here is the problem, I have a very weak and totally regretable d-link dl 524 router here in my place and I recenlty got a new pc I'm looking forward to put my pc on another room, my bedroom is kinda full of stuff right now, so I thought about another room I have here, it's two 13,5cm brick walls away from the router, and the signal barely gets there... I wanted to use wifi so I don't have to bother with cables and things like that. Can you guys help me find a suitable solution for this? I don't mean to change the router from its original plac
  6. Well I really believe that in just a matter of time it's going to be a sin not to boot your stuff from an SSD. Besides, these cost a considerable amount of money here in Brazil, In reality I'm just desperate, please send help! Love y'all from LMG
  7. So yeah, I'm getting the 390 asap, I need something that suits both my gaming needsand my programming needs, right now I'm trying to learn C in a pentium with 2gb of ram, so much time lost compiling stuff IF the software doesn't stop responding. Great example by the way! Thanks =D
  8. I'll get the 390 then, thank you so much guys =D
  9. OH MY GOD! Thanks for the advise, I may change it, I haven't unboxed anything yet, since I don't have all the components Wow, I might just get the r9 390 then! But, what about my PSU, do you think it can handle it?
  10. So, this is kind of confusing, I live in brazil and the price of things here is kind of crazy right now, let me tell you guys what happened: First, I wanted a R9 380, the price of the 380 here is basically the same price as a gtx 970 from pny, or that white ASUS one. So I thought: "well, if I'm about the get a 380, I might just get a 970 right?" But then my friend showed me a XFX R9 390 8gb Black Edition, within a reasonable price range. Also, it gets quite hot here, even in the south of brazil, wich is something I'm taking consideration too. So that's why I'm confused, I really