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  1. Thanks for asking about my laptop. I'll give you a quick run-down, feel free to ask any additional questions; if you want links to the specific products I use then let me know.


    It's really a very simple setup. The laptop itself is a discontinued HP model (Ryzen 5) but I wouldn't really recommend this particular model as it's had a few fan issues. I have the following hardware connected:

    • iSoul USB-C hub thingy
      • HyperX Cloud II headset
      • Mouse and keyboard, any old USB one will do
      • Ethernet
      • Laptop cooling stand. Mine is a TeckNet one which I just bought from eBay for not too much (about GB£20, US$30) and it's fine. As a guide, when encoding HD video (which is the most strenuous thing I use it for - I run a small YouTube channel) CPU temps hit around 85 celcius but the cooling stand quickly brings it down again afterwards. Idle is around 35-40 celcius with the cooling stand.
    • HDMI Monitor. Windows had a bit of an issue connecting to this via a USB display adapter (which I'd have preferred - brings down the number of cables) so I just used the built in HDMI port on my laptop. I am yet to find a display which it won't work with and have even used it through a VGA adapter
    • Power adapter - unfortunately my laptop won't charge through USB C as it's a bit too old for that to be commonplace on laptops in that price range.


    The upshot of all of this is that by connecting 3 cables I have a fully functional dual monitor desktop setup.


    If you buy the correct hardware in advance - which I didn't, I built this setup for Covid work-at-home and had to make do with what I already had - then you can achieve a setup even more seamless than this, where you literally plug in a single cable and it connects everything and charges the device. Check out this Technology Connections video if it interests you, it does go on a bit but if you start around 2 minutes in then you'll get all the basic points