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  1. Windows 10. A couple weeks because the 21H1 update messed up my HID Keyboard Driver so I couldn't use a keyboard. Grr Microsoft.
  2. I tested it and can only happen with Bing it appears. Probably shouldn't share files to anybody with a link no matter what for security.
  3. I'll just leave this here for Google to read... https://www.godaddy.com/domains/full-domain-privacy-and-protection "Protect against accidental expiration and domain hijacking."
  4. Who needs an IT department when you can just have the FBI patch your computers for you? Now they just need to start patching zero-days as well.
  5. Fortunately, lots of processes prefer a higher nanometer because of the cheaper cost like car electronics, micro controllers, etc. These processes don't need to have state of the art efficiency and are still experiencing a shortage currently because all of the world's fabs are running at 100% capacity.
  6. This is some awesome tech that I do not fully understand! Looks like the bug bounty was from DARPA for this chip.
  7. I really like Microsoft 365 and it is nice to see them continue to offer the one time purchase for those that don't need the OneDrive storage or don't like the subscription model.
  8. These are basically the same questions I have. The PIA of old was great about this, and they seem to be okay now, but what assurances do we have?
  9. Along these same lines, how do we know they won't keep logs despite saying they wont now that they're under new owners.
  10. Thanks. That what I figured but I wanted to make sure. A SSD that big is too expensive and doesn't make sense for media storage like I'll be using it for.
  11. Because I'm installing it in an old ThinkPad laptop. Thanks for the suggestion though.
  12. I'm looking into replacing a dvd bay in one of my computers with a 2.5" hdd bay. I would have clearance of 12.7mm for my 2.5" hdd. The problem I'm having is that I can't find anything in this form factor above 2TBs. I know Segates go up to 5tb if you go 15mm, but that won't fit. Is there anything that is higher than 2tbs that would fit in this drive? Thanks.
  13. I have one too. I use it to record shows to my Plex server OTA.