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  1. Alright, i get the memo. Generally just better overall hardware. I assume mostly just either GPU or CPU depending on what the game is most dependent on (In its badly optimized state). And i understand. That price wise, its a bad price to pay.
  2. I'm looking forwards to building a new PC Q4 of this year. One thing that has always bothered me. Has been my struggle with getting early access or poorly optimized games to run well. Therefor i have this question. Is there any hardware i should consider, that can help my frame rate in such games? we are talking games with memory leaks and all sorts of flaws. I am not purely looking for a better frame rate in these games. But here is a list of games i believe to be badly optimized from my experience: VRChat DayZ PUBG Arma 2 Arma 3 ARK: Survival Ev
  3. Thank you, both HairlessMonkeyBoy & Radium_Angel. I got the answers i wanted. You where great help! I am now, even more exited to make my build complete soon enough.
  4. I have a couple questions, as I'm looking to buy a new build Q4 of this year. I have much planned out, but are considering case and motherboard possibilities. Feel free to answer these questions as good as you can. I'm open for any help. Let me know if any further information is helpful. - Will i loose out on features with a high-end mATX? - Can i get a good overclock with a mATX board? - Is it better to go for a small ATX case? - Can a mATX or small ATX case provide airflow sutable for overclocking(GPU & CPU)? - Does mATX or small ATX cases smaller than 20x40x40cm(WxHx
  5. Here are all 6GB 1060 cards for sale in DK. Sorted by price. Here is two that looks interesting: Link - Link but is a bit more expensive. Are there other factors than the read and write speed? Because if there is not then this Silicon Power S55 SSD seems the best. Alright, thank you. What speed do you think would do his pc well? I cant get another stick of the exact same ram because they are not sold anymore.
  6. I really want to just not get the new MOBO and have everything work I have been struggling with it for so long that I don't remember what I have tried. Do you have any experience in this matter? Would reinstall the bio work? Or is there some motherboard driver I might need? I have tried installing the WiFi card driver but that's not the problem.
  7. Since the price difference is not too big I will go with the 6GB instead. Does it care if it's a compact version? Should I get one with a backplate? As I said, prices in Denmark are all over the place so it hard to find whats best for my money. The 275 GB MX300 is 21$ more expensive than the cheapest SSD which is a 240 GB Kingston UV400. If you want to help me out, here is a price comparison for all SSD's for sale in Denmark.(You can translate with the integrated translate plugin with the chrome browser) So will DDR4 ram work with DDR3?
  8. Thank you for your response What ram should I get? He got gifted a PCE-AC6 some time ago. So it's a quite expensive one. I can for the love of Santa Claus not get it to work. So I think it just doesn't work on that motherboard(about 5% sure). I have the same and it works on my computer. I have tried everything, over hours.
  9. Why would I get the 6GB over the 3GB GTX 1060? Is there any 120 GB SSD you can recommend? Any ram you can recommend? Thank for you for posting.
  10. Ok so GTX 1060 3GB it will be. Do you have any recommendations for a 120 GB SSD? Do you have any recommendations for ram? Will Any ram be compatible with each other? Could you please explain why an extra 8GB is needed, Thanks
  11. Hello, I am looking to upgrade my brothers pc. He has been complaining, saying its too slow and lags in games. He is not good with computers and I have a basic knowledge. I reformatted his pc and reinstalled windows, but it still had problems with loading times and low framerates. He plays AAA games like Battlefield 1, Far cry 4 and Fallout 4. He also plays poorly optimized games like DayZ, ARK: Survival Evolved and Battlegrounds. He is looking to play Assassin's Creed Origins if he gets it for Christmas. He uses a 60Hz monitor and does not need to play games at the highest settings. Medi
  12. I actually just figured that out before reading this. what are the odds haha You can actually get it for much cheaper on other sites. Here is a link to http://www.allkeyshop.com/ wich I always use to compare prices. I'm just gonna go with the OEM edition of course. I just hope that won't be a problem in the future but we'll see.
  13. @DocSwag I guess that's it. This is the parts I'm going to buy. Here is the option to add it to your cart. I heard that the RX 580 will be in stock next month, so I added it. BTW remember to make a new cart or remove the parts that in your cart before adding the new one. Thank you and everyone that helped!
  14. @DocSwag I'm sure 450 will be enough for the current setup. But if he wants to upgrade in the future, would it be smarter to buy a higher watt PSU?