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    Roman848 reacted to Zberg in RTX 2080 Ti for 599€   
    I suspect they were embellishing the 3070 performance the way they clearly did the 3080.  Who knows, we will see.
    600 is honestly a great price for a 2080ti, especially if you need it now.  If you got one that can overclock well, it doesn't sit all that far behind the 3080.  
    All that being said, my preference in this situation would be to put 100 more in and get a 3080 > wait for 3070 reviews and maybe buy that...but honestly if you need it now, it still isn't a terrible deal in the whole scheme of things.
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    Roman848 reacted to WikiForce in Hello! Please help me!   
    what are you talking about? 780 is much faster even than a 1050 ti
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    Roman848 reacted to For Science! in 9th gen overclocked losing to 7th gen on heavens   
    If you and your friends live close and are really good friends, try a GPU swap if you are convinced it is the GPU.
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    Roman848 reacted to AluminiumTech in Second GTX 780 for CUDA programming   
    The 780 has more cuda cores but the 1050Ti has faster cuda cores.
    In reality you won't gain much (if anything) by buying the 780.
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    Roman848 reacted to Barry220 in Graphics Card   
    Tanx man for your replies
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    Roman848 got a reaction from Phaytuh in I need some information and help pls!!!   
    Welcome To The Forum !
    So firstly , I7 860 is a pretty old CPU and i think it is currently bottlenecking your 1060 (or near to bottleneck)
    I would really consider buying a new mobo and CPU.
    GTX 1060 is a good card for 1440p/40ish FPS (sometimes even higher).
    IMO i would stick with 1080p because 1440p isn't really too much of a difference. (AGAIN IMO)
    1080p on 1440p it would look like a 720p on 1080p, so terible.
    But still, i tried 1440p monitor only for 2-3 hours so i'm not here to judge
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    Roman848 reacted to Coaxialgamer in So I'm gonna be a Dad, what tech can make my life easier?   
    Tunnelbear ! The easy to use VPN that ma-
    oh wait wrong thread.
    But seriously : coffee , headphones
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    Roman848 got a reaction from Canada EH in gtx 970 enough for 144hz 1080 p ?   
    I had this with 60fps. I used to play with gtx 960 4gb and was very keen on having very high/ultra graphics than targeting on 60fps, when i got my 1070 60fps on every game on ultra was at least for me pretty badass, now when i try to go for 60 fps on Kingdom Come Deliverance on Ultra, i cant, i just need those 60FPS !!!
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    Roman848 reacted to Konrad_K in Used GTX 950 for friend   
    950 is a very weak card. Try getting a 970 or 960 minimum.
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    Roman848 got a reaction from MajesticEmu in EVGA GTX1080 Ti SC2   
    I would even try to contact a seller, if he has these screws. It can happen that he forgot to pack them in the box.
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    Roman848 got a reaction from MajesticEmu in EVGA GTX1080 Ti SC2   
    Well, the screws with spring are very improtant because it adds some pressure on the chip itself. You can try to go to some local shop , see if they aren't selling this screws. It shouldn't be a problem. I did it with my gtx 960 , when i painted it a lost a spring screw, got some from another GPU and it fitted perfectly.
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    Roman848 reacted to keskparane in Issues uninstalling a Graphic Card   
    It slides backwards towards the sata ports
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    Roman848 reacted to Canada EH in what was your first graphics card?   
    IBM 8514
    circa '87'ish
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    Roman848 got a reaction from NrKj105 in GTX 750 Ti HDMI Port   
    Just buy converter from mini hdmi to hdmi, it shouldn't be that expensive.
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    Roman848 reacted to emosun in 2 way SLI while using 3 monitors   
    yeah , ignore all that you can run any refresh rate on any monitor.

    you have to describe your problem better. as of right now i don't see what your issue is
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    Roman848 got a reaction from ryanmassey1337 in The 1060 6GB..   
    *holding my gtx 1070 that i bought for 460 USD*.... ehmm yeah.
    GTX 1060 6GB is very capable even for 1440p or 21:9 Aspect ratio.
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    Roman848 got a reaction from Crunchy Dragon in Core 2 Duo E7400 Max Memory Capacity??   
    Pff, i think on some motherboards 8GB, but i had old LGA775 that supported only 4GB so.. yeah. Check motherboard support for RAM.
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    Roman848 reacted to DJ46 in Thick or Thin Laptops?   
    Thin "ultrabooks" with Steam streaming over a VPN
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    Roman848 reacted to wasab in Plumi video sharing running on ubuntu   
    Well, damn. Linux software installation can sometimes be a real pain in the ass when the software you want isn’t on the repo and doesn’t come with a .sh installer script/executable or in an installer .deb package. 
    Look through tutorials on YouTube. Maybe there are easier way as to install the thing. 
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    Roman848 got a reaction from fpo in 1080Ti vs. Quake 1?   
    Pity.... i can send you 8800 GT. But it has some artifacts and was in the oven once
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    Roman848 got a reaction from fpo in 1080Ti vs. Quake 1?   
    Well you can always play Doom VFR, LOL
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    Roman848 got a reaction from MatsLabahaa in Gtx 1060 6gb bad_module_info has stopped working   
    To uninstall Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, you will have to open the Start Menu. Next, click on the Settings link.
    Having opened the Settings panel, click on Update and security and here select Recovery settings.
    Next click on the Get started button under Go back to an earlier build section.
    The process will start, and you will be asked some questions for information purposes, as to why you are going back to the previous build of Windows 10.
    If you dont have this option, you always can download Windows 10 1703 ISO From Microsoft.
    (detailed info and how to is in this link https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_10-windows_install-winpc/how-to-use-the-rollback-function-in-windows-10/3e9e5c2d-239f-488c-9f48-64a226302657
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    Roman848 got a reaction from MatsLabahaa in Gtx 1060 6gb bad_module_info has stopped working   
    It seems like it could be because of Windows 10 1709 Fall Update. Can you revert back to previous version of 1703 ?
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    Roman848 reacted to MatsLabahaa in Gtx 1060 6gb bad_module_info has stopped working   
    Thanks  will try this!  Will keep you posted on the outcome
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    Roman848 reacted to User Name in They are in Stock!   
    I do Z cash like 450 hash rate, that's pretty good, 1070 is just a tad better, but power is way better on a 1070 and it can mine other crypto better- faster
    but power where I live is pretty cheap so 70 cents USD a day to run it around the clock.