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  1. Saw the assumed benchmarks of the ZEN 3 , looks very appealing , but i dont want to wait for new X*70 motherboards and deal with low stock of new ZEN 3 cpus (cough.. rtx3080). I5 10600k is now better than R7 3700x (for gaming) but what about years to come ? would that stay ? Isn't R7 3700x a better "future proof" ?
  2. Hello guys , Currently sitting here , scratchin my head because of upgrade path. My system now: Xeon E3 1270 v3 RTX 2080 Ti Strix 32GB DDR3 Wanted to upgrade to Ryzen 7 3700x (when Zen 3 launches , presumably Zen 2 prices will come down , but i dont mind the price) But as i saw performance with team blue , I5 10600k looks very appealing for gaming and beats 3700x (mostly) by couple of FPS with the same GPU. As you may know I5 10600k has 6C/12T and R7 3700x 8C/16T (i know the cores does not mean that much and main thing is the architecture of the
  3. See what you mean , that could be the best case scenario , but i dont like to wait much. And also i think 2080 Ti is far more than i need with 3x full hd screens (which will be soon upgraded to Ultrawide.
  4. Yeah , for a year i think , just spoke to the previous owner today , he said that it has so.. yeah Pumped up , because now i am on old old Quadro K2000 GPU
  5. So it went a little higher , so i bought it for 619 euro , so i think still a great deal for this card. :) Card is on its way :)
  6. Exactly what i think We will see about the auction , but i think if i would wait , i would see 3080 coming in two months and that is a big maybe.. Thank you for your reply
  7. In Czech Republic , as long as you have original receipt , then the warranty is valid. The situation is different with mobile phones and with devices that use sim cards.
  8. We will see , i dont want to be without a gpu for long time , i already have preorders going on local shops so.. The used RTX 2080ti we are talking about is in an auction , if it goes higher than 599 euro , then i will not bid anymore. Currently it is at 532 euro.
  9. RDNA2 comes out later next month , dont want to be without GPU for that long..
  10. keep in mind that this price is converted from CZK (i am from czech republic lol) and includes tax , which is high in czech (RTX 3080 costs 780 euro in here)
  11. and just to quote you again , currently i dont have any decent GPU , borrowed RTX 2060 from work yesterday from our VR setup , but i need to give it back on monday , and only GPU i have is Quadro k2000 which is more like integrated gpu atm.
  12. Yeah , but we all seen what happened with 3080 yesterday... used but with warranty I dont want to be a fanboy of a green team but i am a user of nvidia for some time now and AMD is not a card for me unfortunately. Even if it has more performance than 3090..
  13. Hello guys, Just wanted to ask if RTX 2080 Ti Strix O11G is a good value for 599€. Thanks
  14. GTX 780 should have better performance than 1050Ti over all. It has 2304 Cuda Cores and 1050Ti has 768 Cuda Cores. I don't know which program are you running and if it will scale well between two graphic cards , but yeah. On a paper 780 is faster with more CUDA cores. Talking about a price , i think it is a bargain for that price, even in 2019. Considering that 1050Ti costs somewhere between 150-160$. I would go for it.
  15. Most of them , yes. If you will pick something from Tier 3 to Tier 1 it should definitely have at least 2 of them. They should have something like 2x 6+2Pin on one cable, or if it is a modular one, it should have all cables that you will need.
  16. Well, you could try using 2x MOLEX to 6Pin cable, but i would not recomend that. If you will be buying new PSU , check out LTT PSU Tier List ! (always helps)
  17. It will work, just keep in mind that you need to have PCI-E 16x lane on motherboard that will run at least at 8x speed. You can also try, if your motherboard has integrated graphics, just using those ports, but you will need to enable some settings in BIOS.
  18. Hi, So, I'm currently in a bit of an odd situation. I my colleague just gave me PSU he didn't need anymore. So my question is. Do i care to change or should i keep my current one ? My current one that i'm using rn: Cooler Master G550M http://www.coolermaster.com/powersupply/modular-gm-series/g550m/ The ''New'' PSU he gave me: FSP Hydro HD700 (at least that is the model name) http://www.fsplifestyle.com/PROP163000553/ I spend a lot of time researching about this type of PSU but in tier list of PSUs this type is nowhere
  19. I have no time for this. Whole life is about learning new stuff. End of Story.
  20. Yeah, definitely will listen to your BS right now. And everytime i wrote something what i didn't have backed up i said IMO which means in my opinion if I'm not mistaken.
  21. Don't know about this, cpu bottleneck should be same or slighthly higher. But he still has very weak CPU for this GPU anyway.
  22. Welcome To The Forum ! So firstly , I7 860 is a pretty old CPU and i think it is currently bottlenecking your 1060 (or near to bottleneck) I would really consider buying a new mobo and CPU. GTX 1060 is a good card for 1440p/40ish FPS (sometimes even higher). IMO i would stick with 1080p because 1440p isn't really too much of a difference. (AGAIN IMO) 1080p on 1440p it would look like a 720p on 1080p, so terible. But still, i tried 1440p monitor only for 2-3 hours so i'm not here to judge