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  1. I'm about halfway through the download on my wife's old slow laptop lol. Thats why it sucks to redo it. I think if this works and I CAN open the windows recovery options, id definitely going to try to completely wipe the drive clean, cause I know there's still stuff thats not necessary on it. I'd rather completely wipe any chances of conflicts off it
  2. I don't have the typical stick type, but I've got a USB 3 hard drive that I use for this situation sometimes, so I'm redownloading it onto that just in case. I did try removing the ssd earlier but it still gave the same results as currently
  3. Yep, same thing from both options. I'm going to try to remake my windows installation media for the 3rd time, just to make sure it didn't mess up that file or something, but other than that, idk why its doing this
  4. Step 1 - turn on the computer and go into bios Step 2 - set the boot order to load the SD card with the windows media tool on it ( I know its on there cause it was working before this endless screen started happening) Step 3 - save and restart with new boot order Step 4 - let windows load into what SHOULD be the windows installation screen, but every time I get the windows boot manager error with status of 0xc0000098
  5. I am doing that. Like I said, I've been trying different boot methods for the last 4 hours. All I have plugged in is my keyboard and mouse, the SD card, and my ssd, but I can't even boot from the SD card because no matter the configuration in the bios, it always takes me to the windows failed to start screen, I can't find a way around that screen.
  6. I can't get to that screen. Everything I try, I end up on the boot manager screen again. Thats what I'm trying to explain
  7. Yep. Thats exactly what I have on two drives, and no matter how I try to load it, I always end up on this screen. I feel like I've tried everything, been changing bios settings and trying different things for 4 straight hours. Whats weird is I have two boot options from my SD card, one of them has UEFI next to it, and the other doesn't. Both of them launch, but both end up on the same screen
  8. This is what I get anytime I try to boot from any device I plug in for recovery.
  9. Its not listed as a option at all in my bios, and now that I did what the guy above asked, my boot is like completely broken, I can't get anything to boot, not my ssd, not my windows recovery tools. Nothing.
  10. So, I used the command prompt in the troubleshooting part of the media installation, and I got denied permission on the FixBoot, and it found the windows on my C drive, but then proceeded to say the drive cannot be found lol. Wut.
  11. It seems since I reset my CMOS I have also lost the ability to enter boot manager. So now I have no access to windows either, and when I plug in my windows media, it still says the same thing. So, now I'm really lost.
  12. So, I have a Samsung 250gb M.2 with windows installed, and the only way I can boot into it is boot manager (I obviously no longer want to do this because I only have 1 OS) Everytime i try to boot into it like a normal person, I get the "Please restart and select a proper boot device" screen. The drive is currently the only drive installed, there are no USBs plugged in, and its set up properly in the bios for priority, I even tried resetting the bios and clearing CMOS. I'm at a loss..
  13. Well unfortunately I not really worried about quiet, I cant hear my hard drives or anything over my case fans as it is, and even at that. they are quiet inside my case. Really only mostly worried about how these two perform real world with games and transferring large files, and if the cache really makes THAT much of a difference
  14. I am currently in search for a new 4TB hard drive as my current 1 and 2 TB hard drives are getting really old and unreliable imo. Im stuck between the Seagate Barracuda 4TB 2017 model and Western Digital 4TB Blue. both are basically the same price at $89 the Seagate has 256 MB of cache and WD Blue has 64 MB the issue for me is Userbenchmarks has the WD Blue being better at almost everything... How? you would assume the HDD with the better specs would be the better HDD but I guess not? Any suggestions?
  15. Well I found a teardown of the board, and there is no plug on the production version of the board. so there is nothing I can do. Maybe in the future I will just get a new MOBO since this one was just a refurbished replacement of my old Aorus board that took a crap on me. Just dont know what to get.
  16. Also found a picture from looks like CES from GamersNexus and its lit up?
  17. I cant find one, I took the system apart earlier just to look, and I cant find anything. whats odd is if you look up this mobo you will find two versions under the same name. One of them has the heatsink that looks like it has the RGB and it looks just like the IO cover, and the other one has a heatsink that looks like the one on the X299 Dark. I'm not sure what that means. maybe mine was a early release model? idk
  18. Well I want to stylize the build (maybe upgrade components to new ones with better looks to fit the build) and the IO coverrgb works fine, its the heat spreader above the CPU for phase cooling I think.
  19. Hello all! My build is currently built around the white version of the PC-011 Dynamic, and it looks okay. There are some elements that I will have to keep like my motherboard and mayyybe GPU. But I'm up for suggestions! I currently have a i7-7740x, 16gb of corsair vengeance LED at 3000mhz, a MSI rtx 2070 Duke OC and a 250GB samsung 970 Evo ssd I really love the white and silver aesthetic of the case and I want to carry that through out the build. PS: If anyone knows why my RGB on the top heatsync on my MOBO isn't working, please let me know. its
  20. So I will be going to the Air Force soon, and once I'm in and settled down in my dorm in a couple months, I want to build a small form factor editing/gaming rig. My current plans are either getting a i9-7920x or Threadripper 1920x, which currently the i9 is a easier option because there are WAY more MOBOs in Mini or Micro ATX form factors, and currently Threadripper only has 1 board from Asrock. Ontop of that I would like to get a GTX 1080ti or maybbbbbeeee a Titan Xp if I find a decent price on one. And I need suggestions for the drive setup that would be
  21. Hello, I'm Andrew! I'm currently using a even older version of this keyboard http://www.logitech.com/en-us/product/keyboard-k360?crid=27 and its gotten to the point of unsuitability because my space bar will get sticky and get stuck inside the keyboard, it works but just so hard to use sometimes and I can't currently afford to buy one because I'm job searching, I feel like the GRAM Spectrum would help me, 1st by just working when asked to work haha, 2nd I could see what I'm doing in my room at night because currently my keyboard is so hard to see, and 3rd it would match my current setup just t
  22. Because I already have and either no one want's to help, no one knows how to help, or no one replies at all so
  23. So I've been working on my own Pokemon game (Pokemon Painite). It's probably going to end up being a Diamond/Pearl/Platinum type game, with probably some of the same characters and focus on the 4th gen of Pokemon, now my problem is that I'm using Pokemon essentials for this since I have very little experience scripting, I haven't had any problems until I went to battle against other trainers or wild Pokemon, my game just freezes on a near or complete black screen, I've followed tutorials, I haven't seen anyone else with this problem, I've tried different versions of essentials, tried restartin