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  1. Whatever this guy says is irrelevant anyway, that have nothing to do with buying expensive rigs to paint cover the problem. I'm simply ignoring him and his corporate capitalists theory. I said it 4 years ago, i will say it again, it happened overnight for me, that has nothing to do with my eyesight, or electricity. I didn't change any hardware, i didn't buy a new computer, i didn't change anything, it happened suddenly, period. On games i logged hundred of hours. It's not like it appeared gradually, it would have not shock me that bad, just like so many others. As for h
  2. It's not the AA. Stop with that. It's the lighting that affects those edges, and a broken LOD. You can try SMAA, MSAA, TXAA, TAA, downsampling, 4K, 5K, it's the same, less visible of course the higher the resolution or AA method, but the lighting looks like shit, same as image rendering. In any semi open or complete open world, day and night is clearly day and night in terms of quality, i have almost little to none aliasing or weird shadows night time, but when i do enter a building or it's sunny lighting, here comes the massacre. Nobody can explan, nobody can fix it, i
  3. En changeant de config ? Bien relou ça. Mais moi ca fait 4 ans maintenant, sur mon ancien PC portable, c'est arrivé du jour au lendemain, sans avoir changer quoi que ce soit, donc va chercher d'ou vient le probleme, ca me depasse si c'est l'electricité, ca m'etonnerait. T'as aussi l'effet de la bulle autour de ton perso dans The Witcher 3 ? L'herbe qui pop au bout de 5m et les ombres qui deviennent moins floues ? You guys keep talking pages after pages about the AA not working, while the problem is more about draw distance and lighting issue. If it is electricity causing this, i'll
  4. Back 4 years ago, i was playing mostly three games: The Witcher 2, Skyrim and GTA V. I will add AC Black Flag as well, and I remember this game was very well optimized on PC, which is a blessing considering Ubisoft history coming to this point. I spent hundred on hours on each of those games, hell, thousand hours on Skyrim anyway by itself, and i know pretty well how the engine, graphics, looked like. So when i read that I laugh really hard, seriously. Don't assume things because of your own experience. I have the same problem, i just keep playing because i work
  5. And you, are you for real ? Those problems started overnight for me, and there were no updates from microsoft or nvidia whatsoever, so stop bragging about them rigging this for gamers to buy expensive hardware, that's ridiculous. Even more ridiculous since it triggered these issues to people buying recent high end gfx and processors. If he didn't read the last two pages, you didn't read squat from the first post. Nonsense...
  6. Guys, you talking turkish on a english topic. It's not like i talked in french with few of my countrymates here. And for the last time, it's not ONLY aliasing. Why do some people, after a hundred pages, are focused only on this. Awful level of detail, shadows, textures and meshes popping at a short distance, is what it is about as well. I'll be honest, it may be psychological. Even if it's not, it won't spoil my need to play games, i bought a decent rig for this after all. Once i get a decent upload speed, i will record footages of games where this occurs ba
  7. As for aliasing and flicker maybe, and i say maybe it always been like this and never really paid attention, but as for draw distance being extremely low on every game, sorry, it's not always been the case. It goes for pop-ins and shadows not rendered properly, that bubble effect rendering everything out of it by a short distance low detailed. That is not normal. But if you're convinced otherwise good for you, and as I said, this issue is not going to kill my hobby of playing video games, or i would have waste a great deal of money.. and time.
  8. I switched from a ROG laptop with a GTX 860M to a better computer with a GTX 1080Ti, problem remains the same, even thought i can now enjoy gaming in 2K/4K, and to be honest that's good enough for me. I don't wanna lose my time looking for a solution without knowing where to even start, since it happened suddenly when i booted my laptop one morning, 3 years ago, and tried all i could. I feel bad for people trying to buy new and expensive hardware... and i don't think it's because of electricity either, that's just insane, and would damage more than your rendering. As an
  9. Funny, i started noticing the problem replaying TW2. I actually recorded a video a long time ago showing the magnificent pop-in of vegetation, AA not existing, and shadows being a complete mess, which actually made me figure straight something was off, since this game is a piece of art graphically. But so many people have this problem different way, i got this after simply booting my computer the next day. I just deal with that crap for 2 years now, don't bother me that much now, but i can understand it pisses people off, buying expensive rigs trying to get rid of it. It really sou
  10. No need for the provocation and the bitterness. Fact is there is more people reporting having the same problem, that might be hard for you to understand why, but that's real. You can take your time to argue why there is is aliasing in games (and it's not the only problem), this is pretty much pointless, even if you trying to help, we know how the games we played looked like, and it's not just suddenly that people willf figure that, well, damn there is a lot of aliasing after all. You better believe it. I still could not record some gameplay, i really have to do, even if
  11. You keep on going TW3 and GTA 5, while 95% of my Steam library (pretty much games without TAA) is full of aliasing. This and everything else. It is not driver related. Gotta motivate myself tonight to install OBS and record AC II or Black Flag for few minutes since i play those two actually, aliasing might not be that obvious to notice, but drawing distance and shadows will be. Since you ask many users to read back your posts, try to find one of mine where I show a recording of The Witcher 2. And you better not tell me the pop-in is a normal issue in this game, because i playe
  12. Pretty much what i'm thinking too. Users having the problem who bought a Ryzen gotta test few games, and for few weeks, to see if this "improvement" lasts. I got the problem too guys, but it really make me feel sad to see you stop gaming because of it. As hard as it was, i actually got used to it. But i respect your dedication trying (and buying) a lot of hardware to find a solution.
  13. @k4bn Man, for real, you posted a lot recently on this topic claiming you red the important bits, I can understand your skepticism about all these problems people report, but you gotta stop bring back up that resolution matter. I played for 4 years on 768p on a lot of games, and could eventually afford a better laptop to play 1080p few years ago. Now, what you don't seem to get, is that these problems came out of the blue, for some after hardware changes, for some after reformating, for some just after booting their system while everything was normal the day before. I never had th
  14. So much people got this problem in so many different ways you can never know. As i said myself a while ago on this topic, it might disappear by itself someday. I gotta reset my laptop to factory settings in a few week for cleaning, so i'll tell you if i got any changes after doing so.
  15. I agree for the jaggies in GTA V, thought apparently it's not normal that i got meshes and textures popping everywhere, weird reflections on buildings, and shadows being rendered awfully of course, my sibling play the game too on his computer and noticed it was weird playing the game on mine during last week on holidays.