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  1. hmmm since I plan to use the stock cooler I probably shouldn't mess with it to avoid high temps
  2. Hi I have a 10700f with a Asrock b460 and I heard you could get more performance or something by disabling its power limit or enable bfb but I'm wondering if its worth doing so and how to do it if it is worth thanks!
  3. ic ic thanks sorry for posting in the wrong area wasn't sure where to put this
  4. i have i5 6500 asrock h170 8 gb of ddd4 2133 ram just wondering what these parts are worth if I were to sell them used as a bundle thanks!
  5. do you think it will become really slow over the next year or two since that's another thing im worried about
  6. just wondering if its worth it. the 6700 is used and I could probably ask for a cheaper price i got a motherboard and ram for it already too!
  7. i currently have a i5 6500 and look for a upgrade since the cpu is kinda slow im currently looking at the i7 10700f (330 cad) or the i5 10400f (170 cad) but im not sure if getting a r5 3600 is better for (250 cad) the intel motherboard is about (100 cad) and amd is less than (100 cad) i dont do any editing but i do play some cpu intensive game and non intensive game if u have any suggestions thanks!
  8. but if its cheaper than the non k version wouldn't it be better to get that one? 10600kf is $254, 10600k $289 and 10600k is also $289
  9. i plan on playing games like gta v csgo witcher maybe red dead redemption i also play hearts of iron 4. Just wondering but if i dont plan on overclocking do u think its worth getting a k cpu? I think overclockable motherboards are really expensive rn.
  10. ic sounds good i will take a look but would that be better than the i5 10600kf or i7 10700f?
  11. I don't really need gaming performance but when I use my computer normally my cpu usage is always near 100% i reinstalled windows but no luck
  12. thanks i will take a look at it
  13. I currently have a i5 6500 with a rx 580 8gb ram at 1080p 60hz I been looking at i7 10700f ($340 cad), i5 10600kf ($255 cad) and i5 10400f ($175 cad) the cheapest motherboard is about $100 cad and a overclockable one is about $200cad im not sure what other cpu i can buy or if there are better cpus please let me know thanks!
  14. sounds good thanks for the advice!
  15. ye I was thinking about getting the i5 10600kf since its 250 cad rn but I'm not sure if its worth getting rn since I heard new intel cpu could be release in q1