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  1. Alright first things first, we already know how that "AMD is the BEST" and that "Intel sucks" so if you're an AMD fanboy, you can move on. Now that's out of the way... How does Intel's K CPU works? I mean specifically, would Intel's K CPUs hit their advertised Max Turbo as long as you're not hitting the thermal limit? Or do you need to OC the thing just to hit those advertised max turbo? I saw an Intel spec sheet so that got me wondering.
  2. Please help me understand, with all the Hype and superiority of Ryzen chips (i.e. factory unlocked for OC, more cores, cheaper price, better benchmark scores); even with endorsement from Linus and pretty much every YouTuber; why are people still using Intel processors at all? I mean isn't Ryzen the best right now and there's very little point on using Intel? Or am I missing something about Intel? Case 1, I've was watching a YouTuber do mine craft and they were using an Intel Processor. (8 cores only like come on) Case 2. PC Gamer is using an Intel chip to review Doom Eternal
  3. So is there any good ABC basic guide of computer(ing) out there? Maybe an interactive website or just a YouTube video. Thing is I'm trying to teach a person how to use a PC for the first time but they're having utter difficulty with it. Maybe a basic guide that could be used for teaching elementary schoolers or people on the spectrum should do the trick. I've been teaching engineers on our company how to do their jobs but those engineers have prior computer(ing) know-how. This case is completely different in that a person is without any prior knowledge how to use a PC (tho they've been usin
  4. Hi All, thanks for the feedback. As for those recommending the Sony, sorry I'm only choosing between QC35 II or Air Pods Pro, I never liked audio quality of Sony headphones. Thank you too for this very detailed response.
  5. So I want to get an active noise cancelling earphone/headphone that I can use at work (and no, people don't get fired at my work for wearing headphones/earphones). I can only afford one tho, it's either the Airpods Pro of QC35-II. So what should I go for? I want great active noise cancellation coupled with good audio quality. Wearing a headphone doesn't bother me nor earbuds.
  6. I'm using a basic MSI Motherboard for 4th Gen i5. Would a 1070 work on a motherboard that only has pcie2.0 x 16 slot? Without the slot bottle necking the gfx card?
  7. So GFX card optimization for certain resolution is a thing? Hmmm first time I learned about that, interesting. The way I expected it is the more powerful the gfx card and the lesser the resolution, the more frames it could pull off.
  8. Hi guys, I'm running GTX960 and I used to have a small monitor (720p only). Almost every games I have were running, but they couldn't keep 60 frames. I recently switched to a bigger monitor and started using the standard 1080 display and lo and behold, most of the games I have are running now at higher frame rates! For example, my GTA V could barely keep 50fps on my 720p display, now it's running around 75-80 on 1080 display (I didn't touch any settings). My Fallout 4 before on 720p is the same case, running around 50ish, but now at 1080p it could keep 60 and above.
  9. Hi guys, So I followed Linus’s tip on short stroking a hard drive. Now I intend to move my steam folder on the old drive (D) to the new drive (G) since I’m going to reformat the old one (D). Could I ask for tips on how to do this? My setup is as follows, 3 Drives. C = SSD Boot Drive D, E, F = Old Drive (1 TB) G = New Drive (2 TB)
  10. So I’m planning to get a small 40” TV, but I’m not quite sure as to whether to get a regular TV or a Smart one. I’m not really a Netflix person nor a couch person watching TV all day. I primarily play PC games. I just want to have a cheaper and bigger alternative to an extra monitor (another gaming monitor is EXPENSIVE!! I can’t afford that). My plan is just to hook up the TV via HDMI to my rig and just duplicate/expand my view there, sometimes watch news, or watch Channel SuperFun/Techquickie. As I said not really in to Netflix. I guess a regular TV just fits the bill.
  11. Yep, have plenty of other sata ports available. Nope, not running RAID btw. How about the UEFI bios thingy??
  12. Hi guys, I'm planning to upgrade my disk to 4tb. I'm planning two things for it. Option 1.) Still use my older HDD that holds my OS partition and older files, and simply just add the 4tb one. Option 2.) Partition 100gb of the 4tb to be used as the OS partition, then the rest be split on documents (d:), games(e;), and etc (f:) Is there anything that I should check first on my system before, to see if my PC can support 4tb of storage? SSDs isn't an option, the price of SSDs on my country is insane, the lowest capacity ones costs more than a good 4TB HDD, shipping it too isn't an opt