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  1. Hey, so I'm in the process of upgrading my general setup, (PC, monitors, mic, etc), but I know that with monitors and TV's, there's a lot more nuance than just "sort by size and resolution and pick the cheapest one". So I wanted to ask for some advice regarding models here as I know nothing about TV's. I'm looking for a 4K TV, at least 32 inches but no bigger than 52, if the choice is between a larger size screen or better quality viewing experience, I'll take the better quality viewing experience. The TV will be plugged into my PC as a second monitor, and it will be used to watch movies
  2. I get that going higher end is better, my monitor cost 600 pounds and is great, but he doesn't have a lot of money, so 300 is a hard limit, he was originally looking at 200 but I managed to talk him up to 300, and even that is a bit of a stretch.
  3. Thank you very much, I'll definitely look into that one
  4. Hey, I've got a friend (just started PC gaming) who would like a monitor, I don't know too much about monitors (especially in his price range) so I wanted to ask all the knowledgeable people here I sold him my 3060 ti for 200 pounds + his 1050ti, and he's got an Intel 10th gen 8 core/8 thread CPU (can't remember the name), he's very into RPG's and such, and his budget is about 200-300 pounds. I recommended a 1440p, 60+ hz monitor (he could go 4K, but he'd like to be able to play AAA games on high settings for the next 4-5 years, so I recommended 1440). I was wondering
  5. Yeah, 100% a CPU thing then, on the bright side, turning up all the graphics quality settings to max shouldn't impact you much!
  6. Sorry, I only saw your top line ( "we're trying to keep things like for like") Again, I am not encouraging you to use it, not at all, I just wanted to tell Joe why it is that the A500 does not outperform an AIO, and why it is so cheap compared to other air coolers. I definitely agree that you should actually use a "proper" air cooler
  7. From a Hitman 2 performance review https://gyazo.com/9d875a6c27ed54e3ee47d89012c5f248 As you can see, even a 1080 had low levels of usage, a 2080 super is significantly better, highly likely it's your CPU
  8. I didn't say it couldn't be used, just that it definitely will not outperform a normal AIO like Joe suggested it might
  9. Could very easily be CPU bottlenecking you, try using task manager and see the CPU usage in those games. Then download MSI afterburner and look at GPU usage, I wouldn't be surprised if CPU usage is much higher than GPU usage.
  10. There's a reason why it is 45 bucks, it's baaaaaaaaad
  11. I've got a tech kickstarter product you could make a video review about, I'd be happy to ship it to you. Purchased the "batband" Several years ago, promised to be earless headphones using bone conductivity so only the wearer could hear what it was playing. In their videoes they said they had a working prototype, and showed a group of "random" People using it and how much they loved it. Ended up being delayed, and when it finally released it was not as advertised, it essentially worked as a shitty, expensive, (200 US dollars) headmounted speaker, meaning everyone could
  12. It doesn't have to be cheap, I just figured there'd be no reason to pay for the 144Hz feature if you could get a great monitor for cheaper if it's 60 Hz (let's say the great 144Hz monitor is 500, and the 60Hz version is 400, might as well get the 400 version then instead of paying extra for a feature that's not needed)
  13. Yeah, I said gaming because usually "regular" Monitors have much higher response times and no g-sync/free sync
  14. So I've been looking for a monitor for a friend, he only plays RPG's and such, so my hope was to be able to focus on maximum eye candy and "downgrade" the Hz to 60 and save some money. But it seems like 60Hz has been relegated to the budget and non gaming section exclusively. Am I looking the wrong places or is that correct? For some context, he wants a 27 inch curved monitor, planned GPU is the 3060 Ti, only plays RPG/adventure style games like AC:Valhalla, Skyrim, Cyberpunk etc. He wants to be able to play on High to ultra settings, and wants the PC to last 4+ years. I figured i