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    ASUS PRIME X470-PRO (Latest Bios & Chipset)
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    DELL U2412M
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    Be Quiet Dark Rock Pro 4
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  1. I figured out a temporary solution, there is a program called Actual Multiple Monitors, it is a paid software from what I have come to gather however it offers the utility needed for a multi-monitor setup. Since no other solutions have been suggested I will mark this thread as solved.
  2. There is a solution called Display Fusion, that however is buggy in that regard, there might be similar software out there that I am not currently aware of. the other alternative would be to find a way for a specific window to be managed by the gpu if that would even be possible, another solution would be to to somehow access windows' managing display settings for window management and somehow tweak it, lastly the final solution I could think of would be to somehow enable vsync for that particular window, the issue arose because the game's vsync is not working properly and so having anoth
  3. Correct, and in some games one interferes with another depending on the game, settings, framerate instability etc. This occurred to me when I tested around some weird stuttering I was getting from time to time and found it fullscreen with the appropriate gpu settings does not cause it to stutter.
  4. I must also prevent DWM from causing my performance to go all over the place in tight situations. This does not work. I must, again, either use fullscreen strictly or somehow make my display driver to fully take charge of the game while it is in borderless/windowed modes. That was the question, how to approach it.
  5. The focus here is that the game must be in fullscreen while in game and having the ability to tab-out without the game getting a hit from that. If an application does only make a windowed game into a sudo-fullscreen/borderless then that will not work, thanks for the input anyway.
  6. Hey, I wanted to ask if there is a way to alt-tab out of a fullscreen game, usually on a second monitor while keeping the fullscreen game active and running to prevent the huge delay of going back up to fullscreen? That is because I need in my case to run the game on fullscreen while still using the second monitor to multi-task when needed, basically I needed the game to run via the graphics card driver instead of the desktop window manager (that is because there is a conflict with the default vsync of desktop window manager) long story short I wanted to work around or solve this
  7. I was wondering if you know how to fix this, this device is my PS4 controller via USB, basically my pc wont recognize it via USB and so it will not charge it. Thanks
  8. The store does not accept returns sadly, for health reasons or something like that they said.
  9. I am not sure about anything other than I am uncomfortable with headsets in general but when wearing them for a while only one ear feels like squeezed, maybe thats normal with headsets? I dont know... Maybe I am sensitive in the air pressure? hmm... many possibilities.
  10. I got it at around 60 euros, they do not accept returns so I was curious if I made a mistake, next big thing they had was some expensive headphones above 100 euros. Last headset I had was a 20 euro headset that literally melted away overtime and did not work (while I dont really use them regularly).
  11. Hello, I am new to buying peripherals such as headsets so I would like to know how good is the quality of the latest Razer Kraken (Analog)? I thought I would get one as a premium while also budget solution for both gaming and communication in general. Pardon the abstract post. Thanks in Advance.
  12. I fixed it by downloading Windows 10 Media Creation Tool and choosing to upgrade my PC, it took a few minutes but everything is back in order. This is not the most direct way to fix it but overall it should have fixed more possibly unseen problems than the ones encountered.