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  1. my laptop hits 90 sometimes but this pc is fine never thermal throttles, would you suggest the hp desktop being better for csgo as i get 60 on the laptop but it keeps lagging to 60 due to heat and thermal throttle?
  2. thanks for all your help but you think this laptop is just rip?
  3. so ive been trying to fix a hp8430p but nothing is working, i was wondering would it be better to play csgo on a pentium g620 or a centrino t8700 and what woul be better for csgo a hp8530p laptop at 89C or a hp 120 1010a
  4. uhh nvm opened one folder and it went back to 100% cpu and 81C
  5. i feel like the desk was blocking airflow and the fan is almost dead... would you recommend a laptop cooling pad?
  6. all done, well im down to 60C but its cause i have half my laptop on the desk and half floating for airflow i think and cpu usage is at 5%
  7. this took to long sorry but it kept crashingand i gave up
  8. getting a 6700k but I was just wondering as if you where to make a real large auto farm it lags due to many drops etc, but ram does not help with this?
  9. So far it has detected one item; PUP.Optional.PCCleaners located at C:\ProgramData\pclunest.exe
  10. Is it worth having premium for my desktop?