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    I5 4670k
  • Motherboard
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    Vengeance 4x4gb 1600mhz cl9
  • GPU
  • Case
    Nzxt h440
  • Storage
    Intel 535 OEM 180GB & 1tb WD green
  • PSU
    BeQuiet pure power 700w
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    Acer XG270HU 1440p
  • Cooling
    Dark rock pro 3
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    Logitech G502
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    Logitwch G430
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    WINDOWS 10

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  1. Put the hestshield against a bucket of paint and had a knife blade against the edge of the cpu to dissapate the force. Then I slammed it with my hammer. Did the same with my old cpu and it worked. Yes I guess I kinda deserve it because it sounds stupid, but It worked the first time so why couldn't it work again I thought.
  2. Ok i currently have a gigabyte z97gaming 5 motherboard and an i5-4670k. I bought a used 4770k and tried to delid it but unfortunately I broke it with my hammer. Tried it anyway to see if it still works. Pc turns on but no bios screen och digital input at all and then it turns off after about 5 sec and then the cycle repeats. Thought to myself, damn I just broke my new cpu. So I gave up. Installed my old cpu but now with the same problem that the new cpu caused. So basically I bought a new cpu and destroyed it with a hammer and then bricked the motherboard? I was wondering if you could help me
  3. Yes it’s working, but Im running it at 7v because of the noise, I haven’t tried it at 12v though. But if the pump wasn’t functioning properly wouldn’t the idle temps be bad as well?
  4. Recently delidded my 4670k and got a custom water cooler to be able to overclock further. But now the temps are atrocious. The idle temps I guess are ok around 35 degrees Celsius. But when I launch prime 95 in just one second the temps are at 90, much worse than my previous air cooler. So what is the problem. I tried reseating the cpu block without any improvements. One possible thought is that when I delidded the processor I tightened the vice too hard so the IHS got crooked in the corners so the surface isn’t 100% flat but I thought it wouldn’t matter because the thermal paste would still ma
  5. I recently upgraded to a 1070 from a 970. While playing rainbow six siege my cpu usage is constantly maxed at 100% while my gpu sage is fluctuating between 80-100. I also get stuttering and framedrops (drops 90 frames at times) which I didn’t experience using my 970. The cpu i5-4670k is clocked at 4.4ghz stable at 1.265 volts. I doubt the problem will be solved by clocking it to 4.5? Or do you think the problem is related to Rainbow six? And if I need to upgrade the cpu, which one to choose? Upgrade to a 4790k or to ryzen, kaby lake or soon coffe lake?
  6. Thanks for the answers, I guess I have to test how far I can overclock in the configuration. My 4670k is running at 4.4ghz at 1.25V and my 970 is running att approximately 1510mhz. Do you think that the overclocks will be a problem. Is the psu a close call. I have seen some benchmarks and the system under load with 2x970 only consumes about 500W so I guess I ha e plenty of Headroom?? But a lot of people recommend 850W 80+plat which seems like overkill.
  7. Currently running a Gtx 970 g1 edition and the old 700w pure power l8 from be quiet. Planning on getting another 970 cheap from ebay and wondering if my psu will be able to handle both of these cards?
  8. Lately I've been hearing a strange almost pulsating hum from my psu and this happens when i game more intensivly and or benchmark. Problem is that it gets very loud, so loud that i can hear it through the headphones while i game. Games I've been noticing this hum are overwatch, battlefield and games were there is a lot going on at the same time. The warranty is still active on the psu (bequiet 700w pure power https://www.inet.se/produkt/5316017/be-quiet-kraft-700w/#specs) Just wanted to check if its the psu thats making the noice, i think it is because it still make the same noise wh
  9. As the state of right now im very split. A part of me have developed a need for the htc vive and the other is telling me to buy a monitor instead. The experience you got by the vive was astonishing but the games were rather simple, no goal, no advanced progression or developed graphics but still i found it quite enjoyable. The current library for vive isnt all that big i think and the only game i think will be worth the money is a chair in a room. So i dont know if the vive will be the next big thing and game studios develop triple a titles for it. My budget is very limited and therefor i rath
  10. They only game i've played recently is overwatch on my HDD and in 3 days i've bluescreened 3 times but when i play rainbow six on my SSD it hasnt been any problems
  11. I've recently started hearing strange noises when i game on my mechanical drive. Almost like a clock. These noises are new and I havent experienced them before. Then I imagine the drive to load games slower but that might just be me hallucinating. Its a 1tb WD Green drive from 2007. How should i proceed? Is the drive failing?
  12. I think I'll wait for pascal and see if they're any good and after I'll choose to either buy pascal or buy a probably reduced gtx 980ti from price perspective. Problem is I don't know when the new architecture will find its way to the customers and I'm in a kind of must upgrade now mood. But I think it's wiser to wait.
  13. Or I could buy a gtx 980ti and sell my 970