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    Glad to be a part of this forum, have been a huge fan and follower of LinusTechTips and NCIXTechTips. I'm a 27 year old RADAR Electronics Tech for Air Traffic Control equipment. Married of 1 year but she's put up with me for 4 so far lol. I'm actually just into my 2nd year of building gaming rigs and at that really being a huge PC Gamer. There really isn't anything like it though and I believe it's all about the experience; so yes unfortunately when it comes to a gaming rig bigger and better is always..... Well.... Better lol. Anyhow, few small details, I'm a veteran of 5 years U.S. Marines which is where I learned my trade. Born an Army brat in Germany, grew up in North Carolina, and now live in Texas.
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    Electronics RADAR Tech for Air Traffic Control

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  1. Complaint filed, absolutely chomping at the bit to get these guys to do their job. Completely asinine the way they are carelessly handling this situation given that I'm a paying customer with no choice but to use their service in my area.
  2. That is most likely what I'm going to have to do. After countless hours of troubleshooting with ISP tech support, even with different modem/router combo devices all brand new out of the box... The ISP still referred me to my manufacturer no matter how logically conclusive the issues pointed towards some configuration on the ISP's side. With the latest device, I went through netgear techsupport for the heck of it just so I could tell the ISP I did it and the problem still exists. Netgear was happy to help me, and reassured me they could absolutely solve my problem for a small fee
  3. @lieder1987 @Hiitchy I'll def find out today what can be done. I feel like it's pretty ridiculous that they would put in place restrictions when the device is technically an approved device based on the specifications they required on their site under the approved equipment list. I guess, technically the TP-Link I had was not listed but it did abide by the specifications required...... actually I just checked and the TP-Link Archer CR700 I have is on their approved list. According to the representatives from TWC/Spectrum technical support that I've worked with, there are no re
  4. LTT Community, I'm not an expert, but I'm also not a first time user of networking equipment either so please bare with me if there is something that I just can't answer right away. Situation: Device: TP-Link Archer CR700 AC1750 ISP: Time Warner/Spectrum On 9/9/2017 I received my device in the mail and set it up in a very typical default fashion. Logged into it via, no problems there. After I did an initial configuration (important note* normal operation not bridged mode) and customized my SSD/Password/hide etc; I then
  5. Ok, new prob here: I just finished building this for the 3rd assignment this week, and I have yet to clean it up in terms of organization. The instructor provided us with the pseudocode to follow which also seemed to included duplicate requests in terms of variables... so those still need to be cleaned up. I"m gonna take a break and work on physics for a bit before I do that, but I figured I would post what I have here to get some insight. For now it looks like I have errors with part of an 'if' 'else' statement as well as the section where the target is getting moved. I'll post the
  6. Just an update, it was a problem with Microsoft Visual Studios 2012. I ran 2015 and update the library file with the C++ library update and everything is running smoothly for now, fingers crossed. On the assignment, I also found the last bug. I'll post an update later tonight in case anybody wants to take a look at the code above and see if they can find it themselves first if they care.
  7. hhmmmm, I'm using the reg white background theme and it looks fine.. I'll prob switch to dark theme to see how I can fix it for the latter. As far as installation goes, that is what I initially thought was going on, and perhaps it still is. I have a 250 GB SSD that I run my OS on and a few monitoring programs for my system, and I use a 1TB WD Black HDD for everything else. I initially installed Visual Studios to the 1TB drive, and throughout the course of this assignment and a few from last week I have uninstalled and re-installed MVS probably 4 times now including the last uninstall
  8. I wave my dumba$$ flag and say thank you sir!
  9. ok, so the program we are advised to use along the duration of this course is Microsoft Visual Studios 2012. I updated to 2015 and have noticed no real changes in terms of how it effects my work in the course so far. In our 3rd week now, and I've reached a point in this 'compile time bug' assignment where I'm unsure of what could be causing the next error. Here is the code: // Week 1 Assignment-1// Description: Compile time errors with loops and branching//---------------------------------- //**begin #include files************#include <iostream> // provides access to cin an
  10. I appreciate it, I'm literally in the introductory portion of C++ learning basic identifiers, functions, arrays, structs, strings, and building small code for just random stuff to utilize them. I'll probably post some questions on here tonight when I sit down to work on assignments. Aside from the labs we do assignments also where the 1st is a compile time bug search, 2nd being run time errors, and the 3rd being a build it yourself. In no way am I asking anyone to do work for me (just to clarify), I'm just looking to gain a different point of view that might help me understand what the hell
  11. Anyone here just absolutely versed in C++? I'm going through college and with some of the assignments I have to say they are getting pretty difficult. Outside of the classroom I'm on my own in terms of studying with anyone, or at least having someone to bounce ideas off of. I wonder if there is anyone here that might not mind me emailing them, or even just conversing through the forum that might be able to answer and "explain" the things I have questions on a bit better than my professor. Seems like one of those things where, until you're versed in the language it is a bit hard to unde
  12. Aside from the professionalism in LTT ability to produce polished videos and a growing employee base, I can't really see much difference in the way Linus approaches things from the time I tuned into this live stream when it was just him in front of a Samsung monitor in his own home office up until the WAN Show. I think it's easy for people to sit in front of their computer and play the judgmental cards through their keyboards and brain vomit crud like "linus sells a LTT branded noctua fan, so now he can't be trusted". Business is business, I'll never argue that; but I wouldn't say that Linus
  13. Try using a different adapter for connecting to your network. I had an issue with the adapter built into my motherboard, would only show up whenever I started doing anything slight intensive on the network, similar to what you're talking about. Bought a PCI-E adapter and everything is working fine. Try it out
  14. I was gonna say, at the very lease you could reapply your own thermal paste and reseat the heat sink. Glad you got it worked out. I run 3-way SLI Strix 980's and I never go over 70C on the top card in BF4 with 4k
  15. DASR1985 - Vessel Username Fav Videos: https://www.vessel.com/videos/FYu03582i https://www.vessel.com/videos/Yj4PbcgKj What can I say, Luke is a funny guy! So are you Linus.. you're actually funnier, just not in the videos on vessel right now.. please don't ban me! Ok!! OK!! You're funnier I take it back!!