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  1. how do i do a Vbios update and what will it do? should i max out frequency and try to lower Voltage(in 10's)? And if yes, should i do it before or after tinkering with the other options aka VRAM, Power limit and fan tuning?
  2. Hey i'm new to it but trying to OC my GPU with Clock speed incrementals of 10mhz, however under "Fine tuning Controls" in P3 i have to set a frequency number higher than what the clock speed shows For example with 1200mv P3 2150 = 2085mhz That is also the highest i can set it to. I've read that some cards can go higher, what am i missing? mV:1200 and Mhz:2150 is the highest i can set it to is that true? i am using this guide and Unigine Valley for benchmark with HWinfo64 to see performance https://www.reddit.com/r/realAMD/comments/exomsj/basic_overclocking_guide_for_rx_5700xt_using
  3. I got an ASUS Radeon RX Vega 56 ROG Strix OC last night for 430 dollars. It had a 40% discount in my country and the Nitro+ didnt so it was a nobrainer. Thanks for the help.
  4. I would rather get a 56 and undervolt it, and then OC it if i would need it one day, than have a 580 which would be trying to follow at peak performance. The 580 and 56 is also "roughly" 30-40 watts apart anyway https://www.techpowerup.com/reviews/AMD/Radeon_RX_Vega_56/29.html
  5. But how much is the general %, is it like 10% lower Powerconsumption or More/less?
  6. Okay, thats what i am leaning too also. Do any of you know how much power it uses when undervolted and such?
  7. But i dont get why my former 390 ran games THAT great, i mean, it had some problems with certain games, but i could get 60fps on GTA with settings on high and some on ultra.(things like Grass details and such was lowered, There's a great guide for tweaking the game) How come a 580 wont be doing much better than a 390?
  8. Games like GTA V, Assasins creed Oddesey and the future coming Metro exodus
  9. Yeah i looked at it, but every review says it has a monster high Power draw. which i would like to avoid
  10. But how does it fare with 3440x1440p? can it run games at high?
  11. i will be looking for a new card, with black friday coming up. My GPU was for a long time, a r9 390 nitro+ from sapphire. Now its gone and i'll need a new one. The problem is that i am living at my own place now and power consumption is a problem. I have a LG 32 inch 1440p monitor and my 390 actually did a great job. I just needed to lower some settings here and there and it would often get a 60 ish fps. Sometimes like in Rise of the tomb raider i would need to lower Res to 1080p but still, it did a great job. I'm looking at: RX Vega 56 nitro+ (Sapphire also), but i dont know how the P
  12. Hey i bought a LG 34UC88-B curved 34 inch 3440 x 1440 QHD AH-IPS 300 cd/m^2 monitor. It worked fine for the first 10 months, but then suddenly it sometimes stopped working with DP-IN. It started with it just dropping of, and then i would remove the cable and put it in an hour later and it would work. Time has gone and it took longer and longer time per cable removal for it to work again. It works very random, Sometimes it was a PC reboot or a monitor reboot, which would enable the DP-IN again. Most times it worked by removing the cable, putting HDMI in, use that and put DP-IN until
  13. Okay, so i managed to get it working. I flashed the motherboard and then it worked. However, i played some fallout 4 today and saw some flickering. Textures that would get stretched out to the extremes, and then the GPU stopped working again. Flashing doesnt work this time...Any suggestions?
  14. I have tried different monitors and a tv, none react. I have an old card which i will see if works. How do i reset my MB?
  15. So i was doing some casual PC work, watching a documentary and browsing the Steam store. Suddenly the graphics stopped, as in: The card still gets power and and my monitor reacts to the display port being put in the DS slot in the card. but nothing gets shown. I am highly confused as to what is wrong with the card. Can anyone help? Card: Sapphire 390x nitro 8gb System: Ryzen setup