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  1. Second option is much better. Don't buy GT 1030 unless its used.. for $80 you can find much better stuff in used market, for example: GTX 770 or GTX 950. These are the usual stuff, but with good searching you can probably get GTX 780 or GTX 960(Just dont get 6 series or older cards). *Edit: And to be honest, You can get a better deal out of buying everything used, For example I am pretty sure you can get i5 3570 PC with 8GB RAM for cheaper than G4600 combo and it will perform much better.
  2. on the worst case scenario I might get i5 3570 instead of i7 3770. Will it bottleneck 970?
  3. I am not sure yet, I will post final parts here after some time. Now that i know I can pair i7 3770 with H motherboard without an issue I can save some money.
  4. Alright since we got that out of the way what do you think about this build? i7 3770 (I will keep turbo on) 8GB RAM (I will try for 12GB, but if not I will upgrade it soon) GTX 970
  5. I am considering to buy i7 3770 from used market and to pair it with MSI H61M-P23, Asus H61M-K, Biostar H61MLV2 or Asus P8B75-M LX Plus. Everything Used. My friend claims that H motherboards can kill CPUs. Is he right?
  6. So there is no way that I can play Overwatch on low-medium settings with native resolution to achieve ~70fps?
  7. Is i5 7200U much different than that CPU? EDIT*: Yeah with that CPU I have to pay $100 extra so nope.
  8. I will probably get a new PC in August for demanding AAA games. I just want to play some indies or games that came out before 2014. Overwatch and ect.
  9. Also I should mention that I am a student and yeah notebook would be very useful for me. And this thing has a great price, around $500.
  10. Hey. I want to get a budget laptop which will help me do some stuff. Gaming is one of them. Here are the specs: i3 6006u 4GB RAM (I can add more) Nvidia 940mx I believe it is GDDR5 2GB 500GB or 1TB HDD 768p screen Now here are my PC specs: Intel Core 2 Duo E7500 2x2GB DDR2 RAM Nvidia 9600GT 1GB 1280x1024 screen Will my FPS in current games double? or triple? what should I expect? on the native resolutions of course.
  11. I mean I am not adding any money, My next upgrade won't happen until probably August, so It would be something to keep me busy for a while.
  12. So I thought of getting used parts to help my PC out until I buy a new one, Is it worth it? Going from Intel Core 2 Duo E7500 to Xeon E5462. Nvidia 9600GT to GT 1030. 4GB Ram to 8GB Ram. 1280x1024(17inch) display to 1600x900(19.5inch) display. Will Xeon bottleneck? Is it worth upgrading like this at all? I will achieve this by selling my current GPU/CPU also monitor, help from a friend and selling old phones.
  13. What about Q8200, I heard its faster than Q6600, but not by much, It also produces less heat and needs less power.