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    Intel Core i5 4690 3.5GHz
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    Asus Z97-P DDR3 ATX
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    Kingston HyperX Savage 8GB 2400MHz
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    Palit Geforce GTX 1060 (Temporarily HD graphics 4600)
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  1. Figured it out. The APN was the problem, and it only looked like it was being deleted because I had the wrong SIM set to the default for data so when I changed it back all my previous attempts at APNs appeared
  2. As soon as I change the MNC the access point gets deleted
  3. Mobile data won't work on Redmi Note 5. Dual SIM card slot. Two different network SIMs used. Neither works with mobile data. Tried rebooting phone. Don't have another phone to try SIM in
  4. Lots to unpack there. Gonna try it out tomorrow. Giving up and just using Google Drive as a middle man for now lmao Thanks for your help
  5. I tried changing that, yeah. Didn't make a difference
  6. I can't change the configuration. The only way it lets you is through the notification bar, and the notification isn't there. No it's not the first time. This isn't the first time this has happened. It's really fickle
  7. The MTP notification isn't displaying at the notification bar. Seems like the phone isn't registering Windows as well as Windows not registering the phone.
  8. I'm just trying to sync my music library, but Windows won't register that my phone is connected. The phone charges though. Any idea what I should do?
  9. I got Unbox on steam. I tried to install it, and it installed but it keeps telling me 'content file locked' both on the downloads page and when I try to boot it up
  10. I just downloaded a new game, and it's telling me Content File Locked, so I can't boot up the game Anything I can do to fix it?
  11. The lowest I've seen GTA V go for is 50% off, so more than 7-8 bucks but still a good price. If a game flops, it goes on sale very low, very fast Watch_Dogs 2 is already only £25 on sale compared to £45 RRP
  12. Can you link your steam account so I can look at what games you have and reccomend similar, and so that I recommend ones you dont have
  13. No, but it does do higher than 720p, if I set it to 1360 x 768, it will display that. Anything higher and it drops back down to 720p