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  1. I have a Corsair HX750 and I've had it for about two years now. Ever since Ive had it I've had the issue below. Scenario 1: I unplug it and plug it back in. Press the power button and it will load my BIOS but will not post. I hit the reset button and it will then it will post. Scenario 2: I plug in my external 3.5" hard drive (it has a separate power source and USB 3.0 plug) and it will either make my post time extremely slow or it will just not post unless I reset it. Hell it seems the more stuff I have plugged into it the longer it takes to post. My buddy has an AX750 and has the same
  2. A cheap 3.5mm isolator from Pyle. It's placed in between my mixer's FX Send and my computer'so microphone port.
  3. I bought a cheap ground loop isolator and it did the trick. I am going to try to diagnose the issue further with my friend. I will bring my PC to his house to see if maybe my outlets in my house are the cause, if that isn't the case I will try his power supply with my PC. If the issue is still there I guess I'll say it's my motherboard. Is this a valid reason to RMA for Gigabyte? I'm still under warranty.
  4. I can plug my mixer into my microphone jack and record my voice and phone audio with absolutely no EMI, but as soon as I bring my PC into my mixer and monitor/record with it through the headphone jack, I get the EMI. So my computer outputting itself is causing the issues. Also.. I actually have a sound card, I left that info out just to see if I could learn something. The EMI with the card (Audigy FX) is actually much worse than my onboard, no joke.
  5. I use ASIO for my interface, mostly for latency reasons. It seems everything connected to my motherboard has the EMI sound.
  6. I'm going to try plugging my mixer apparatus/2i4 into my laptop to see if I get the same issue tomorrow and will keep you guys posted, thank you guys for responding so quickly. It seems like this is a good place for help.
  7. I bought a mixer and I am using my onboard soundcard for my mix minus setup. I have my computer volume assigned to a channel, my phone for music on another, and my mic through XLR. When monitoring my PC volume, I can sometimes hear static and electronic noise.. sometimes not. I tested the setup with my friend through Skype and he said my mic has the same sound I described. Also I've noticed when I plug in my Scarlett 2i4 through USB to record my guitar, I have the same noise. Is my motherboard not grounding properly? Will getting a soundcard help? Will getting a ground loop isolator help? It s