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  1. there are options available to overclock i just can change them because my cpu isnt unlocked
  2. hey i was wondering if i can install a bios thats for a z170-d3h that allows non k processors to be overclocked or will the bios update no be compatible for my h170m-d3h? im trying to overclock my g4400. Thanks. http://overclocking.guide/download/gigabyte-ga-z170-d3h-non-k-oc-bios/
  3. So I'm trying to install windows 10 on a new pc that I just built through a usb. When I start the download it works and then it just shuts off at 25% when I restart the pc and try to install windows can't be installed on that hdd. This is what it says (the selected disk has an MBR partition table. On EFI systems windows can only be installed to get disks.. ) please help
  4. how much is the 1060 going to retail for? im either going to upgrade to a rx470 later or a 1060.
  5. I like the way you think
  6. no you cant snag a 970 for cheap earlier this week is saw a used 960 on craigslist for $160 like wtf?
  7. why the fuck would i buy a 970 right now???? especially a used one. seriously your advice sucks
  8. haha ik right? this guy isnt making any sense
  9. the 970 price per performance is shit. If i need to ill sell the 670 get my money back and by a rx 470.
  10. you still havnt offered a better alternative for $80.....
  11. i can spend the extra cash on a better psu?
  12. i already said im 17years old..????
  13. thats $220 dollars in usd i can get 2 670s and run them in sli??????? and have left over cash heheheh
  14. not to mention the 670 is still a better card in performance???
  15. idk i havnt started the system up yet waiting for my ram to come in
  16. aye i got the same motherboard as you for $65 on ebay brand new
  17. why do i need something better if im not playing demanding gpu games?????????
  18. I actually dont get allowance sadly, i work for my cash. and im 17 years old building a budged pc. OH YEAH AND YOU STILL HAVNT TOLD ME WHAT BETTER FOR $80?
  19. you just cant beat a 670 for $80......
  20. So tell me what a better option than a 670 for the money and performance???