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  1. so I recently got a new PC.. AMD FX8350 watercooled by Cooler Master (does a reaaally good job, 21c in idle), 16GB DDR3 @1600mhz, R9 270X all on a Sabertooth 990FX MoBo Running windows 8.1 64bit Premiere CS6 & Media Encoder CS6 Rendering is really slow.. I mean, a 3m40s video renders in about an hour.. in 1080p25/24 it only has a basic LUT, and 3 transitions.. (clip count in this is.. about 20; it's an ad for something) and this is not the only video which is slow at rendering.. every other render was slow!
  2. my budget is around 800eur need a PSU and a case, yes. no pheripherals, since I already got those I will get a HDD separately. only need an SSD. everything is a bit more expensive in Romania, so 800euros I think will be perfect.. of course, 800euros on pcpartpicker or others
  3. so im bored and sick of my old pc.. 6 years old hd5770, i5 750, 8gb ddr3.. asus maximus iii.. and i spent so much on this... 1000euros in 2010 I decided i need and want an upgrade.. this is what I was thinking : i5 6600 (non-K), HyperX Black 8GB DDR4 2400MHz CL15, a 500w 80+ Silver PSU from SuperFlower, Sapphire Radeon R9 380x NITRO OC 4GB or a GTX960 from ASUS Strix DirectCU 4GB a 120GB UV400 SSD all on a MSI B150 Mortar motherboard or Gigabyte GA-B150-HD3 any opinions? any suggestions? I will be editing i
  4. I currently have an HD5770.. pretty much dead, been using it for 6 years now... exactly 6 years I am a photographer/videographer and this kind of GPU would really benefit me.
  5. oh and how i fix it : -> status -> disconnect
  6. no lol only my dad is able to do this and he's not home when this happens i have free internet connected to that router. (long story short : i got them customers, so they gave me free internet) and no, they are connected directly to the wireless
  7. so.. i have an old linksys router (wrt54gl to be exact) i now use it in parallel with my new ONT that came with my new internet service but that doesnt matter whenever I leave home.. or everyone leaves the house, the internet stops working. and when I say "I leave home", I am talking about my phone. often my mom calls me like 5 minutes after leaving saying that the internet stopped working.. or.. when i leave to school, internet works when i come home, internet doesn't work (ethernet OR wireless) and this happens all the time. it's like my phone is connected in some sort of
  8. i made this.. any good? http://pcpartpicker.com/p/CXP2XL
  9. anyone that can make an actual build on pcpartpicker?..
  10. those are the old prices updated prices are 39ron for the 500mbs and 45ron of 1000mb
  11. oh and, my hdd is too slow to handle this speed.. or even if i upgraded to 1000mbps, that would be bad
  12. whatcha mean? and where the hell do i find the files crystalmark created? cause it occupied 30gig lmao been looking in appdata and found nothing