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  1. I like that never seen that before, cool idea. Mount Robson, BC shot on my EOS RP with rf24-105L
  2. was looking into it after writing this post.. went to the bios and there is no option for it. probably cause its a laptop lol.
  3. https://gyazo.com/73593489a36a97d6cf25e72598235d5e this gif speaks for its self. I bought a laptop. Eurocom tornado f5. put a 7700k in it and the temps are way to high. i get that a desktop chip isnt meant to be cooled by a laptop. 1st question.. Should I look at under clocking/ undervolting? will going down to say.. 3.6ghz and lowering the volts help much? 2nd question. What the **** is going on with those temps jumping around like that. i have reseated the cooler 3x with Artic Silver 5 thermal paste.
  4. the current reason vega costs so much is the SHORTAGE of HBM2, not the fact that miners are taking over. idk the performance of vega for mining, but that is why it is expensive
  5. Not sure what im looking at? Webs in the grass? You're right about it looking washed out. Looks interesting either way.. 5.5/10 Here's mine. Canon t1i shot on a 75-300
  6. while I DO agree.. a 200$ motherboard and 100$ in ram may make this not viable for OP
  7. honestly, just using your keyboard will help. Just practice.
  8. I have a vive, and much perfer it over the rift which i have also tried.
  9. yeah itll sync. its just bluetooth
  10. if the issue still persists with a new psu try just 1 ram stick
  11. in geforce experiece you can search for most recent drivers
  12. Go to any parts site, and look at motherboards with an am4 socket. you should be able to sort this way.
  13. That's up to you. G-Sync is awesome, but not necessary
  14. The same board that this cpu is using? i honestly dont remember what chipset this is... its am3 but for <100 i don't know if you will get much better. no point in wasting your money on this platform either.
  15. My friend has it. Im currently using a G500s.
  16. its a 955. 3.2 ghz, 2mb l2, 6mb l3, 125w cpu I believe its a quad core. Yeah you should be fine playing those older games, just tone down the settings, and dont have anythign else running in the background you should be okay, \
  17. So i guess i was pretty bang on with 75 lol.
  18. the 903 is nice. very nice. i like that you can use it wirelessly and wired. also has weight options. if you think itll make you better, than switch